Common Chronic Disease Patterns in Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia & YemenDr. O. P. Kapoor
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I would like to acknowledge the help of the following specialist colleagues, many of whom are also attached to Jaslok Hospital. They are—Dr. P. R. Krishnaswamy, Dr. P. B. Amin, Dr. H. B. Chandalia, Dr. A. Chitnis, Dr. H. Desai, Dr. Joe D'Sa, Dr. Sandra Desasouza, Dr. Cedric D'Souza, Dr. S. Joshi, Dr. M. H. Kamat, Dr. R. K. Menda, Dr. M. Kothari, Dr. A. H. Lambe, Dr. K. Mody, Dr. Satish Mody, Dr. Ram Malkani, Dr. Chetan Oberai, Dr. Sunil Parekh, Dr. D. Shenai and Dr. A. R. Undre. I have had long interviews with them and taken their precious time to make sure that there were no omissions in my book, though I have avoided putting any of their observations, which I have not seen or heard of personalIy.

I am very thankful to Dr. N. H. Keswani, the Medical Director of Jaslok Hospital, who has encouraged me to write this book and allowed me to insert the table of analysis of 3000 cases admitted to Jaslok Hospital. This analysis was done with the help of Mr. Masurekar and his staff to all of whom I am very thankful.

I am also thankful to my typist, Venkat and my Secretaries Pratima, Sera, Maxi and Meena who have helped me throughout.

I am also thankful to the Dean, Grant Medical College who sanctioned me leave to find time to pen my thoughts.

O. P. Kapoor