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Introducing The Editor
Our Contributors
  1. Food Values of a Vegetarian Diet
    Mariella Barreto
  2. Coronary Heart Disease and Vegetarian Diet
    B.K. Goyal
  3. Vegetarian Food and the Gastrointestinal Tract
    O.P. Kapoor
  4. Of Diabetes and Vegetarianism
    H.B. Chandalia
  5. The Vegetarian's Kidneys
    Ashok Kirpalani
  6. Vegetarianism and The Liver
    N.H. Banka
  7. Raw Vegetarian Food- An Old View-
    A New Look

    Anand Gokani
  8. Cancer.... Are Vegetarians Better Off?
    S.U. Nagarkatti
  9. The Brain, The Nerves.... and Vegetarianism
    B.S. Singhal
  10. Vegetarianism, The Mind and its Health
    O.P. Kapoor
  1. High Blood Pressure and Vegetarian Diet
    R.D. Lele
  2. Sports Medicine- The Vegetarian
    Anand Gokani
  3. Bones and Joints - Some Hard Facts In Vegetarianism
    K.T. Dholakia
  4. Ayurveda - Indepth Vegetarianism
    Suresh Chaturvedi
  5. Vegetarianism - Naturally Speaking
    M.M. Bhamgara
  6. Vegtarianism - From The Dentist's Chair
    N.C. Sharma
  7. Growth, Children and Vegetarian Diet
    P.M. Udani
  8. Immunity and Vegetarianism
    Vrinda Trikanand
  9. Microbiology and Diet
    K. Dhunjibhoy
  10. Iron, Zinc and B12 in Vegetarians
    Rudolph Ballentine