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OP Kapoor

Guest Editor
Rajesh Rajani

Editorial Section


  1. Left Main Disease - Surgery or Angioplasty?
    Thomas Alexander.
  2. Interventions in Acute Coronary Syndrome - Is it Serving its Purpose.
    Rajesh Rajani
  3. Laser Percutaneous Myocardial Revascularisation : A Treatment in Genesis.
    Robert J Whitbourn.
  4. Local Drug Delivery -is it an Answer for Restenosis?
    Rajesh Rajani.
  5. Are Stents Being Over Used?
    Pradeep K Shetty.
  6. To Do It Or Not Do?
    Shekhar Ambardekar.
  7. Newer Antiplatelet Agents in Coronary Intervention.
    Ajit S Mullasari.
  8. Therapeutic Angiogenesis : A Strategy for Myocardial Ischaemia.
    Robert J Whitbourn.
  9. Vascular Brachytherapy - Hype or Hope.
    Thomas Alexander.


    1. Drug Resistance in Tuberculosis.
      Lina Deodhar, Priya Miskeen, Sweta Chomal.
    2. Effect of Exercise on Pulmonary Function in Elderly.
      P P Mehrotra, S V Joshi, AH Shah, H L Dhar.
    3. A Prospective Comparison of Nifedipine and Isoxsuprine for Tocolysis.
      Kedar M Ganla, Safla A Shroff, Shyam Desai, Amar G Bhinde.
    4. Effect of Nifedipine and Verapamil on Urinary Ph, Volume and Electrolytes in Rats.
      H L Dhar, K Farzan.
    5. Degenerative Tear of Tendo Achilles treatment by Primary Lengthening and Resuturing.
      Hetal A Chiniwala, Ragjuprasad Verma, Sushil K Sabnis.
    6. Methotrexate - A New Alternative in Selected High Risk Cases for Operative Abortion.
      Sanjay Rao, V A Hishikar.
    7. Operative Intervention for Delivery of the Dead Foetus.
      Purnima Satoskar, Vinita Salvi.
    8. Estimation of Hydrogen Peroxide Levels in the Blood and Urine of Normal Infants and Infants with Sepsis.
      A V Pherwani, V C Puri, V Malhotra .


  1. Typhoid Fever in Children in the Past and Present Multi-Drug Resistant Type with Special Reference to Neurological Complications.
    PM Udani, Vimla Purohit, Paresh Desai.
  2. Dhaat - Male Leucorrhoea.
    Navin Mody.


    1. Liver Diseases in General Practice.
      OP Kapoor.
    2. Understanding Orthopaedics Impingement Syndrome.
      Nilen Shah
    3. Treatment of Hiccups.
      O P Kapoor.
    4. Intravenous Glucose Infusions Given by General Practioners to Patients of Common Fevers.
      O P Kapoor.
    5. Accelerated Migraine
      O P Kapoor.
    6. Is There any Indication of Administering Injections in Private Practice
      O P Kapoor.


  1. Near Free Treatment To Prevent Urethritis Syndrome in Females.
    O P Kapoor.
  2. Health Check Up? Do You Know Your Bone Mineral Density?
    O P Kapoor.
  3. Health Check Up Done? Have You Hepatitis Virus B or C in Blood?
    O P Kapoor.


  1. Complaint of Expectoration Without Cough.
    OP Kapoor.
  2. Differential Diagnosis of Symptoms of "Cramps" and "Claudication".
    OP Kapoor.


  1. Profile of Sindhi Patients in my Private Practice - My Experience of Forty Years.
    O P Kapoor.
  2. Why Should Ablendazole Not Be Given to Every Indian Patient?
    O P Kapoor


  1. Common Veneral and Skin Diseases
    OP Kapoor


  1. Primary Thyroid Tuberculosis
    Dharmesh Balsarkar, MA Joshi, Jayesh Dhareshwar, R R Satoskar,
    Ninaad Awsare, Rajesh Mahey, Vijay Kumar .
  2. D1 Kochs - The Hidden Zone
    Ardeshir Bonshah, Mayuresh Warke, Atul Malik, Aseem Parekh.
  3. Schwannoma of the Nose
    Nishit J Shah, Priti P Jain, Sunil Budhlani.
  4. Caroli's Disease
    Radha Verma, Roy Patankar, Nilay Chakravarty, Vinayak V Dewoolkar
  5. Leiomyoma as a Cause for Massive Lower Gastrointestinal Bleed
    Shilpa A Rao, Prakash P Shilotri,Avinash Katara.
  6. Iodinated Contrast in Gall Bladder following Oral Ingestion of Contrast Media : CT Demonstration of Duodeno - Biliary Reflux
    Srinivasa Prasad, Tufail Patankar
  7. Bochdalek Hernia of Diaphragm in an Adult
    Ratna S Parikh, V Upasane, R M Joshi, SK Mathur, J M Joshi
  8. Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tumor (Malt) of the Ileum
    Shilpa A Rao, Prakash P Shilotri, Pinky Thapar.
  9. Uteroperitonial Fistula Secondry to Puerperal Sepsis Following Home Delivery
    Abhang Prabhu, Alka Gupta, Shashank Parulekar.
  10. Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation - A Rare Cause of Uterine Haemorrhage
    Abhang Prabhu, Alka Gupta, Shashank Parulekar.
  11. Spinal Osteochondroma Causing Cord Compression - A Rare Cause of Paraparesis
    Pradeep B Bhosale, Vidyanand A Raut, Naushad Hussain