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O P Kapoor

Ex-Hon. Physician, Jaslok Hospital and Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, Ex. Hon. Prof. of Medicine, Grant Medical College and JJ Hospital, Mumbai 400 008.

In the past it was known that very rapid loss of weight can lead to an attack of myocardial infarction. I have seen 2 such patients in my practice over the last 40 years.

It has now been shown that if the person loses more than 1 1/2 kg weight per week, if he or she is harbouring silent gall stones, these can increase in size and can produce symptoms of biliary colic and cholecystitis.

Silent gall stones are very common above the age of 60. Most of them do not produce symptoms. It will be advisable during their life time to see that these patients do not go on a crash diet programme to lose weight, lest they will develop symptoms of biliary colic and cholecystitis and might land up with a surgeon.

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