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It is a privilege to have been invited to be the guest editor of this issue of the BHJ, which also happens to be the last issue of the millennium. I would like to thank Dr. O P Kapoor for the oppurtunity given to me to focus on sinusitis and its Management.

I have choen sinusitis for various reasons. Firstly, the term sinus continues to be vague and loosely applied to any kind of URTI or headache. There are also many misconceptions regarding treatment and prognosis. And finally, the treatment of sinusitis , both medical and surgical, has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years. For patients with sinusitis refractory to medical treatment, functional surgery now offers new hope for long lasting relief. Endoscopy has revolutionized treatment in most branches of medicine and for us ENT surgeons, it has changed the face of sinusitis. A condition which was usually treated by repeated painful punctures of the antrum, which only temorary relief, is now better understood, diagnosed and treated in a more physiological and functional way, thereby promising excellent long term benefit.

At the outset, I felt thatgiven the varied readership of BHJ, it would be sensible not to go into too much detail, but to keep the reading easy. This is done to allow physicians and specialists in all branchesto understand sinusitis better, and be able to diagnose and treat the condition appropriately at an initial level. I hope this issue will be especially useful to them. At the same time, we have not kept it very basic, so that ENT surgeons should also find it interesting reading and be able to pick up some useful points to help them in the treatment of their patients. There are two people to whom i am especially grateful - my father Dr. J T Shah, who had taught me from my first days as an ENT resident and continues to help me even today, and Dr. M V Kirtane who has been my 'Guru' in learning endoscopic sinus surgery and without whom i would not have the skill or confidence for the same. I would also like to thank all the authors who have contributed to this issue and given their perspectives. I am grateful to Dr. Sujata Muranjan and Dr. R J Mehta for their help in the preparation of the entire guest issue. Finally, I would also like to thank the various pharmaceutical companies who have enthusiastically come forward and advertised in this issue.

As we continue to shed century old radical procedures in favour of new, exciting and functional methods of treatment, I hope this issue will remain a useful reference manual as we march ahead into the next Millenium

Nishit Shah


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