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Publishers : QUEST Publication Ghatkopar, Mumbai 400 086.

The chief strengths of this book is its clarity and a high standard of academic medicine that is enhanced by the liberal use of exceptional colour photographs. The use of line diagrams to explain x-ray and angiography abnormalities are immensely helpful. The literature on aorto-arteritis is scarce, and referencing with other studies is appropriately done. Evidence based medicine is carefully balanced with the personal approach of the highly experienced authors. This book will aid the postgraduate students of pathology, radiology, and internal medicine, and also serve the well-experienced practitioners - physicians and vascular surgeons. For the molecular biology students and researchers, this book provides the fundamentals of pathogenesis, which will enable them with their knowledge of the immune system, to study the proposed disease models of aorto-arteritis.

We hope that the future editions will have added chapters on the recent advances in genetics and molecular biology that have provided the unprecedented opportunity to readdress the pathophysiology of this very heterogeneous syndrome. In addition, the logistics of treatment and reported efficacy of current proposed immunosuppressive drug protocols, will complete almost all the requirements of this intriguing disease.

Rheumatologist, Bombay HospitalMedical Research Centre.

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