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Salivary gland tumours are rare and their surgery and biopsy should be a little more difficult. Thus the method of diagnosing by FNAC of this gland, as shown by Fernandes and Pandit from Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, on page ..... of this issue is very informative especially when there was an accuracy of 87.5%.

Duru Shah et al, on page ..... draw the attention of the presence of HIV sero-positivity in pregnancy in the city of Mumbai, a city which has the largest incidence of AIDS. They have given statistics of the incidence of this infection in other parts of India, which is worth noting. After reading this article, anybody will fully agree that routine HIV testing must be done in all pregnant women.

Sodhi and Kaur, from the University of Delhi should be congratulated for an excellent work on Methods for fixing constituents of human sweat for developing latent fingerprints’ on page ..... of this journal. Whether this will help in medical circumstances or non-medical is immaterial.

Shubhada Neel et al, on page ..... from Tata Memorial Hospital advise strongly and convincingly that ‘No drain’ is required ‘following radical gynaecologic operations’. Their’s was a large study of 75 cases.

On page ..... Hetal Chiniwala and Sanjay Dhar from Gyeong-Sang National University Hospital, South Korea suggest that the external fixator can be used as a definitive mode of stabilization in patients with open, comminuted fractures. It often facilitates the often necessary secondary reconstructive procedures like bone transport and vascularized fibula graft.

Since alternative medicine is being accepted more and more by doctors practising allopathic medicine, the article on page ..... by the Laxmi Bhosale et al, from St. Georges Hospital and JJ Hospital may be of interest to many obstetricians, when according to them a ’Sujat’ capsule can be of use ‘for comprehensive antenatal care and prevention of pregnancy induced hypertension’.

Since there are very few studies in the field of benign breast diseases, the study of Iyer and Gore from LTMGH and Medical College, on page ..... on the ‘epidemiology of benign breast diseases in females of child bearing age group’ is interesting and informative.

Today epidural anaesthesia has gained a lot of reputation in medical, surgical, orthopaedic and obstetric fields. Meher from Bombay Hospital, was one of the first to advocate this route. He now has reviewed the whole history of epidural anaesthesia, on page ..... of this issue.

In modern days we are seeing more and more of fungal diseases because of the facilities for diagnosis. But the case described by Ponnappa and Jagdeesan’s group from KJ Hospital, Chennai on page..... describes the other group, i.e. patients with CRF who have undergone renal transplantation, in whom such fungus diseases like mucormycosis can occur because of poor immunity.

Bhagwat et al from KJ Somaiya Medical College, on page ..... describe a case of Castlemann’s disease which they detected in a 16 year girl.

Shakthi Kumar and Jagadeesan’s group from KJ Hospital, Chennai on page ..... report a case of a very rare and interesting complication in a patient who was on anticoagulants, who developed ‘Haemorrhagic acalculus cholecystitis’.

Krishna et al on page ..... from Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College and Hospital, Pune suggests a strong association between neoplasms and autoimmune diseases by presenting a case of scleroderma who developed bronchogenic carcinoma.

On page ..... Shakthi Kumar and Jagadeesan’s group again from KJ Hospital, Chennai present a case report of very interesting pseudomyxoma peritoneii, malignant variety, treated with debulking surgery and intra peritoneal instillation with 10% dextrose and cisplatin and intravenous sodium thiosulphate infusion on the operating table and subsequently with two cycles of chemotherapy with cisplatin and intravenous sodium thiosulphate. The patient showed remarkable response to the above mentioned treatment.

And finally I must congratulate our both guest editors for bringing out an issue which should be useful to G. Ps. My hats off to Dr. Asrani who inspite of losing his wife to whom this issue is rightly dedicated, continued to do his academic work as a part of humanitarian service, during the last few days of his wife’s fatal illness.

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