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Ref: Dr. Dasturís Demise

Dear Dr. Kapoor,

Dr. Dasturís sudden sad demise was a great shock and full of grief to all interested in neuropathology. He was the pioneer neuropathologist of the country. After 5 years of training in Neuropathology in USA, he came to India to join ICMR Unit at Tata Cancer Research Institute with a pay of Rs. 1200/-. He refused the offer of the well known Medical and Research Institutes of USA, who offered him $5000/- per month. However, with his keen interest in the problems of health in our country he refused the offer and came to India. Later Dr. Naushir Wadia and myself, brought him to our Institution, namely JJ Hospital and Grant Medical College. Ultimately he was absorbed in the government service. His work on various aspects of neuropathology particularly neurotuberculosis, malnutrition and nervous system, leprosy, rabbies and many other problems of our country his devotion and contribution was exemplary. After joining Bombay Hospital he provided excellent neuropathological services, training and research in BHIMS.

I have known Dr. Dastur and his family for nearly 40 years and we have been working closely together on neurotuberculosis in children, malnutrition and nervous system and other common subjects for 25 years in JJ Group of Hospitals and later in the Bombay Hospital. We have published almost 35 to 40 papers on Paediatric Neuropathology during the last 4 decades in national and international journals. Moreover his contributions on Neuropathology of TB of CNS is published in every international neuropath book. I was wondering whether we should publish a commemorative volume of Dr. Darab Dastur in which some of his work in collaboration with Dr. Lalitha, who is now working at the Cancer Research Institute and Dr. Daya Manghani on Neuropathology of neurotuberculosis with clinical correlation and the large number of new syndromes described by me.

As you know Dr. Darab Dastur was one of the 26th best neuropathologists of Asia and got many national and international Awards including RD Birla Smarak Kosh National Award.

We will always miss him particularly Department of Paediatrics because we took rounds together and discussed the neurological cases on which we are going to do a nerve biopsy as well as correlate clinical findings with CT scan and MRI and spinal cord and other investigations. His void cannot be filled up by anybody as Darab had experience by extensive and indepth studies of problems of neuropathology particularly in developing countries for the last 50 years.

With kind regards,

PM Udani
Head, Department of Paediatrics
Bombay Hospital Medical Research Centre.

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