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Nilesh Baxi
CH Asrani

Nothing else could have shown the importance of Family Medicine in the new Millennium, than dedicating the Millenium issue of The Bombay Hospital Journal to Family Practice. What a visionary we have in Dr O P Kapoor!

Impending entry of Overseas Insurance Companies, in the field of Health Insurance, which can not survive without an infrastructure of Primary Care Physicians (that is us) who know their stuff and regularly upgrade their knowledge and skills. Scores of CME programmes. Seminars and Journals all targeting the clinical perspective, overlooking the numerous non clinical issues like certificates etc leave the hapless Family Physician groping for information. Then again the available fare tries to give the latest in the world of medicine, hardly realizing a Family Physician needs tips, which he can use in practice. He needs information that is arranged for him to use in 3-4 minutes he has for each patient.

We have tried to provide all this, making update a pleasurable activity and not a tedious chore. In this issue certain important conditions have been highlighted. Malaria in children still baffles many and Tuberculosis in children is getting difficult to diagnose and treat all over again. Keeping this in mind certain clinical conditions like Malaria, Tuberculosis and Fevers have been discussed in greater detail. Cardiology is another field where a Family Physician needs ready to use information and has been covered in detail with Family Physicians providing most of the stuff. An update on newer vaccines helps in the current scenario of changing guidelines. The information is provided in easy to use format with liberal use of flow-charts for better understanding.

All in all, an issue for the Family Physicians, by the Family Physicians!



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