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  1. Diagnosis of Salivary Gland Tumours by FNAC
    GC Fernandes, AA Pandit
  2. HIV in Pregnancy in the City of Mumbai
    Duru Shah, Safala Shroff, Kedar Ganla
  3. Method for fixing Constituents of Human Sweat for Developing Latent Fingerprints
    GS Sodhi, Jasjeet Kaur
  4. "No Drain" Following Radical Gynaecologic Operations - A Study of 75 Cases
    Shubhada P Neel, TS Shylasree, Hemant B Tongaonkar, Jagdeesh N Kulkarni
  5. Secondary Internal Fixation in Open Comminuted Fractures of Femur : Is it The Correct Alternative?
    Hetal A Chiniwala, Sanjay B Dhar
  6. Capsule "Sujat" for Comprehensive Antenatal Care and Prevention of PregnancyInduced Hypertension
    Laxmi Bhosale, D Padia, Harish Malhotra, Deepti Thakkar, HS Palep, KM Algotar
  7. Epidemiology of Benign Breast Diseases in Females of Child Bearing Age Group
    Sandhya P Iyer, MA Gore
  8. Mortality in Bombay Hospital - Six Years Study
    Atul Shah, HL Dhar

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