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  1. Art of Communication : Bedside Manners - Counselling
    CH Asrani
  2. Dr. Baxiís Medical Laws
    Nilesh Baxi
  3. The Family Physician and Ante Natal Care
    Kusum Doshi
  4. Immunisation Schedule
    Nilesh Baxi
  5. Optional Vaccines
    Hemant Patel, Mahesh Balsekar
  6. Hepatitis B : An Approach
    Hemant Patel
  7. Typhoid Fever
    Hemant Patel, CH Asrani
  8. Failure to Thrive
    Nilesh Baxi
  9. Approach to Fever in Children
    Kaustubh Kamat
  10. Childhood Tuberculosis
     Dhiren L Shah
  11. Domiciliary Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Children
     Pankaj Mehta, Reena Mehta
  12. Malaria
     Nainesh Parikh
  13. Upper Respiratory Tract Disease
    Pooja Mehta
  14. Asthma Clinic Detection in Early Stages (Optimal Treatment Prevention of Chronic  Asthma and its Consequences)
     CH Asrani, Pooja Mehta
  15. Peak Expiratory Flow Rate
     Pooja Mehta
  16. Management of Hypertension in Family Practice
    Ramesh Subramanian
  17. Angina Pectoris in Family Practice
    Pankaj Mehta, Reena Mehta
  18. Acute Left Ventricular Failure
    MA Merchant
  19. Newer Drugs in Cardiology
     Rajesh Parikh
  20. Soft Tissue Pains
     Nilesh Baxi
  21. The Painful Foot
     Nilesh Baxi
  22. Polycystic Ovarian Disease (A Study of 27 Cases over 5 Year Period)
    CH Asrani
  23. Death Certificate
     Hozie D Kapadia
  24. Family Physician and Family Medicine - The Concept of Primary Care Physician,  Specialist of  Minor Disease/Ailments, Mini Specialist Concept
     VJ Ruparel
  25. Achieving Growth in Practice
     Pankaj Mehta, Reena Mehta
  26. Accounting for Medical Practitioners
     Vijay C Panjabi
  27. Modern Medicine - Most Holistic of all!
     CH Asrani

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