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MM Begani
NG Agarwal

We are grateful to Dr. OP Kapoor for giving us this great opportunity to be the guest editors for the Bombay Hospital Journal Special issue on Colorectal Surgery in the new millennium. It is indeed a great honour for us to dedicate this issue to the memory of our teacher and mentor Late Dr. PK Jhawar, a doyen in the field of Colorectal Surgery. It is said that some people are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them while others achieve greatness through sheer hard work and dedication. Dr. Jhawar achieved greatness through his dedicated 30 years of selfless service to the cause of medical science in general and Colorectal surgery in particular which not only helped in curing lakhs of patients but also in developing newer and finer skills in both understanding and treating problems related to colorectal region. Colorectal Surgery is now recognised as a superspeciality subject, thanks to his successful, energetic and enthusiastic career as a General Secretary of Colorectal Association of India.

The last century has witnessed an era of dramatic developments and tremendous progress in nearly all branches of medical science, so much so that many diseases which eluded detection are not only diagnosed now, due to better diagnostic modalities, but have nearly been eradicated from the globe altogether due to advancement in treatment relegated to history. Colorectal Surgery is no exception. From simple stool examination and Barium enema to colonoscopy, nuclear scan, DSA, tumour markers, manometric studies etc. it has been era of tremendous progression. In the past, a simple diarrhoea was always considered infective in origin treated empirically and symptomatically, while now with improved diagnostic techniques the non-infective nature is shown and diseases like IBD/IBS have come into existence. Today our armamentarium against diseases consist of not only modern drugs, higher antibiotics, safer analgesics, TPN but new and safer anaesthetic techniques, lasers, laparoscope, staplers, Gene therapy, Robotic surgery, etc., which have made colorectal surgery safer, faster and cheap and has brought down the morbidity and mortality substantially.

The era of communicable diseases is almost over and now we are faced with a great upsurge in non-communicable diseases and their treatment by non medicinal methods like change in life style, diet and polluted environment and yoga and meditation. Many of our Indians have taken it to be a fashion to ape the western culture, unlike the west where the trend is reversing. In an article, Dr. Gunde, an eminent yoga therapist explains how yoga and vegetarian diet is immensely helpful in colorectal diseases. In western world thousands of people are adopting vegetarian diet, yoga, meditation and eastern life style on health ground.

An honest attempt has been made to summarise the various aspects of colorectal problems with the help of highly experienced experts in their fields. The result is a great insight into the field of colorectal surgery in a nutshell by giants in this field. It is hoped that this issue will greatly help all ages of medical personnel in knowing the latest diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the field of colorectal diseases.

We thank all our medical colleagues who have taken great pains to contribute articles for this issue. We thank all contributors, management of Bombay Hospital, staff of Bombay Hospital Journal, Dr. Mahesh Sanghvi and our well wishers who have helped in bringing out this issue.

"Lives of Great Men All Remind Us,

We Can Make Our Lives Sublime and Departing Leave Behind Us,

Footprints on the Sands of Time".


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