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OP Kapoor

Guest Editor
MM Begani, NG Agarwal


  1. Colonic Surgery in the New Millennium
    Vinayak N Shrikhande
  2. Diverticular Diseases of the Colon
    VN Shrikhande
  3. Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis : Our Experience
    RB Bapat, CV Kantharia,GD Bakhshi
  4. The Posterior Trans-Sphincteric Approach to the Anorectum-Lessons from Paediatric Surgery
    Amrish Vaidya, Kishore Adyanthaya, Sudha Gulkhandia
  5. Colorectal Motility Disorders
    Mukta Bapat, Philip Abraham
  6. Colorectal Injuries
    Satish B Dharap, Rajeev R Satoskar
  7. Carcinoma of the Colon
    PB Desai
  8. Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery
    Jugal B Agrawal
  9. Infections of Colon and Rectum Including AIDs Related Infections
    Deepak Amarapurkar, Rajiv Baijal
  10. Pathology of Colorectal Polyps : An Overview
    Arun R Chitale
  11. Colorectal Pathologies : Role of CT and MR
    Prashant G Shetty, Mannudeep K Kalra, Manu M Shroff
  12. Angiography in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding
    Sundeep J Punamiya, Vimal R Someshwar
  13. Utility of CEA Monitoring in Colorectal Cancer
    BK Smruti
  14. Day Care Surgery in Colorectal Diseases
    MM Begani, Niranjan Agarwal
  15. Chemotherapy of Colorectal Cancer
    BK Smruti
  16. Pain Management in Colorectal Diseases : An Update
    DK Baheti
  17. Tuberculosis of the Colon
    BL Chitlangia
  18. Breakthroughs in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    NH Banka
  19. Diagnosis and Management of Faecal Fistula
    Shirish K Bhansali
  20. The Millennium Perspective of Fistula-in-Ano Additional Modalities of Treatment
    HL Chulani
  21. Prolapse of the Rectum
    PN Joshi
  22. Treating Haemorrhoids : An Experience and an Opinion
    Bhanu R Shah
  23. Lasers in Treatment of Haemorrhoids
    Sanjay B Kulkarni
  24. Anal Fissure : A Comparison of Conservative Treatment versus Surgical Methods
     Manu G Nariani, Rajeev Chaturvedi, Jignesh Jatania
  25. Anal Incontinence and the Plastic Surgeon
    SR Tambwekiar, Kumkum Khadalia
  26. Surgical Management of Ulcerative Colitis
    Pinky M Thapar, Surinder K Mathur
  27. Ostomy Care and Management
    AA Patwardhan
  28. Role of Yoga as Therapy in Ano-Rectal Problems
    Dhananjay Gunde
  29. The Association of Colon and Rectal Surgeons of India (A Section of ASI)
    RB Singh


    1. Comparative Study of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology, Histopathology and Bacteriology of Enlarged Lymph-Node
      JG Saluja, MS Ajinyka
    2. Circulatory System : Hospital Statistics (1997)
      Atul Shah, HL Dhar
    3. Autoimmunity in Hepatitis C Virus Infection
      MJ Dhorda, SR Kankonkar, AL Kirpalani, DN Amarapurkar
    4. Cerebrovascular Accidents (Strokes) in Different Age Groups
      SV Joshi, HL Dhar


  1. Dementia : A Clinical Approach
    HN Parekh


    1. Figure of "Three"
      OP Kapoor
    2. Are all Antihypertensive Drugs "Impotent"
      OP Kapoor


  1. Symptoms-Signs-Investigations - Which are more important in making a Diagnosis?
    OP Kapoor


  1. Career Contrast : "Employed by a Hospital" or "Self-Employed as a Private Practitioner"
    O P Kapoor


  1. Functional Arab Syndrome
    O P Kapoor


  1. Anatomical Basis of Peripheral Nerve Compression
    PD Athavia, AP Chaphekar
  2. Benign Duodenocolic Fistula
    Rajeev M Joshi, Ashutosh Darbari, Prasad K Wagle
  3. Hamartoma of the Female Breast
    Shilpa A Rao, Prakash Shilotri, Jitendra Gohil
  4. Transdiaphragmatic Hydatid Disease
    Rajeev M Joshi, Ashraq A Tapia, Prasad K Wagle, Ashutosh A Darbari, SM Navadgi
  5. Angiodysplastic Lesions in the Terminal Ileum
    Jayashri S Pandya, J Rodrigues
  6. Retrograde Ileo-Ileal Intussusception
    PK Wagle, Ashfaq Tapia, RM Joshi, SM Navadgi
  7. Placental Chorioangioma - A Cause of Hydrops Foetalis and IUFD
    Kusum D Jashnani, Jigna B Doshi, Jyoti D Rege
  8. Budd-Chiari Syndrome - An Unusual Manifestation of Falciparum Malaria
    Vrinda K Kulkarni, DS Asgaonkar, SA Kamath
  9. Right Sided Diverticular Disease
    Simran Singh, K Shakthi Kumar, Roshan Dath, M Paul Korath, K Jagadeesan
  10. Carotid Body Tumour
    Rajeev M Joshi, Ashfaq A Tapia, Prasad K Wagle, SM Navadgi, Taranpreet Bainz


1. A Panel Discussion on Hyperlipoprotienaemias
     Bhavin Dalal, Tarak Shah, Urmi Jhaver, Brinder Vij, Linu Jacob


1. Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 68th Research Meeting of The Medical Research Centre of Bombay Hospital
on Monday, 12th July 1999, 2.30 pm in The SP Jain Cafeteria
(Convenor Dr. HL Dhar)

2. Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 69th Research Meeting of The Medical Research Centre of Bombay Hospital
on Monday, 9th August 1999, 2.30 pm in The SP Jain Cafeteria
(Convenor Dr. HL Dhar)

3. Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 70th Research Meeting of The Medical Research Centre of Bombay Hospital
on Monday, 20th September 1999, 2.30 pm in The SP Jain Cafeteria
(Convenor Dr. HL Dhar)

Book Reviews

  1. Manual of Rheumatology
    PK Pispati