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OP Kapoor

Guest Editor
Srinivas Desai, Vimal Kasbekar


  1. 'Vertigo 'in General Practice
    V G Kasbekar
  2. Vertigo-a Neurologists perspective
    S V Khadilkar, K Jagiyasi
  3. MRI in Giddness
    Shrinivas B Desai, Sharad Maheshwari,Anirudh Kohli, Mohit Shah
  4. Colour doppler in dizziness and Vertigo
    Nitin Chaubal, Monali Padwal
  5. Integrated audiometric tests for cochlear and Etrocochlearpathologies
    Jyotsna Nadkarni
  6. Mnagement of Vertigo due to peripheral Vestibular disorders
    V G Kasbekar


    1. Health related quality of life in Ulcerative Colitis- A Study of Medical vs Surgical Management
      Sheetal Shah, T Satyendra, Deepak Amarapurkar
    2. Role of intravenous Immunoglobulinin Neonatal Sepsis
      Sunita Sreedhar, Anagha Jayakar
    3. Analysis of 18 cases of Obstretic Hysterectomy
      K R Chaudhari, M N Vaswani
    4. Admission test for screening labour
      K R Chaudhari, S S Pai
    5. Argyrophilic Nucleolar Organizer regions (AgNORs) in precancerous and cancerous lesions of cervix
      Ritu Singhal, L K Pandey
    6. Determination of Nitrate Concentration in Serum as an index of Nitric oxide (NO)Synthetase activity in healthy Indian male subjects
      K N Maruthy, Rani Gupta
    7. Epiduroscopy Interventional Pain Management for Backache
      D K Baheti


  1. Chronic alcoholism and dental practice
    Meena S Ranka, Satish Ranka, Rohini Kharat
  2. Saral Meditation
    H L Dhar


    1. Figure of 25 per cent
      OP Kapoor
    2. "3" Causes of common fever with onset of Diarrhoea
      OP Kapoor
    3. "3" Resipiratory causes of normal X-ray chest where the patient can still die
      OP Kapoor
    4. Phlebotomist - A new speciality
      OP Kapoor
    5. Why should Bric not be labelled as a "CLUSTER" Jaundice
      OP Kapoor


  1. Value of ESR in Differentiating Typhoid from Tuberculosis in Patients Having Pyrexia of more than Two Weeks
    OP Kapoor
  2. After the Blood Test's Report Ask Yourself a Question - "which" Method was used?
    OP Kapoor


  1. Tempo in the Differential Diagnosis of a Thunder Headache
    OP Kapoor


  1. "3" Respiratory Causes of Dyspnoea on Exertion
    OP Kapoor


  1. Appendicular Tuberculosis
    Ganesh K Bakshi, K S Kumar,Sadanand V Shetty, Amita Joshi
  2. Biliary Ascariasis an unusual presentation as a duodenal ulcer
    Ravid Bapat, Anand P Iyer, Chetan Kantharia,B S Acharya, Girish Bakshi, Satish Ranka
  3. Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma with Cavernous sinus involvement An Unusual Presentation
    Dinaz K Irani, Makarand V Damle,Bachi T Hathiram, N L Hiranadani
  4. Familial Tomaculous Neuropathy
    Harish S Hosalkar, Karl Dalal, Hetal Shah, Priti S Gujar
  5. Pituitary Adenocarcinoma and CSF Rhinorrhoea
    Kishore B Sandu, S B Ogale, Gautham K, Vikas Kumar
  6. Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis
    Manoj Mulchandani, L F Nagori
  7. Management of metastatic mesenteric granulosa cell tumour
    Shailesh Shrikhande, Prakash Patil
  8. Lumbar Hernia
    Satish R Ranka, Ganesh Bakshi,Mnanmohan Kamat, J D Mohite
  9. Priapism
    Satish Ranka, Chetan Kantharia,Shabbir Hussain, Girish Bakshi, R D Bapat


1. Abstracts of Papers at the 74th Research Meeting of The Medical Research Centre of Bombay Hospital
on Monday, 14th February2000, 2.30 pm in The SP Jain Cafeteria
(Convenor Dr. HL Dhar)

2.Abstracts of Papers at the 75th Research Meeting of The Medical Research Centre of Bombay Hospital
on Monday, 13th March 2000, 2.30 pm in The SP Jain Cafeteria
(Convenor Dr. HL Dhar)

3. Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 76th Research Meeting of The Medical Research Centre of Bombay Hospital
on Monday, 10th April 2000 1999, 2.30 pm in The SP Jain Cafeteria
(Convenor Dr. HL Dhar)