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O P Kapoor

Guest Editor
S K Mathur and Kishore Adyanthaya


  1. Newer Modalities In Imaging The Pancreas
    Meher Ursekar
  2. Management of Severe Acute Pancreatitis : Standards and Future Perspectives
    Xin Shi, Ketan R Vagholkar, Helmut Friess,Waldemar Uhl, Markus W Buechler
  3. Non-Surgical Management Of Acute Pancreatitis
    Rakesh K Tandon
  4. Ercp In Acute Pancreatitis
    Durgesh Borkar*, Anand Nande**
  5. Management Of Fluid Collections Due To Acute Pancreatitis By Interventional Techniques
    Vimal Someshwar
  6. Acute Pancreatic And Peripancreatic Fluid Collections
    Vrishali Patil*, Surinder K Mathur*
  7. Vascular Complications Of Pancreatitis : Radiological Diagnosis And Treatment
    Sundeep J Punamiya
  8. Antibiotics In Acute Pancreatitis
    Sanjay C Wagle*
  9. Nutritional Support In Acute Pancreatitis
    Pravin Amin
  10. Pseudocysts In Chronic Pancreatitis
    Shailesh V Shrikhande, Helmut Friess, Markus W Buechler
  11. Chronic Pancreatitis In Children
    Deepak Aamarapurkar
  12. Pancreatic Surgery in Infants and Children
    Kishore Adyanthaya*, Amrish Vaidya**,Vrishali Patil*
  13. Diagnosis And Surgical Treatment Of Biliopancreatoduodenal Cancer
    Vi Maljartchouk*, Ae Klimov**, Va Ivanov*, Naresh Row**
  14. Endocrine Pancreatic Tumours : Surgical Treatment
    Peter Balaz, Helmut Friess, Markus W Buechlernder
  15. Molecular Biology Aspects Of Pancreatic Carcinogenesis
    A Koliopanos, H Friess, F Ozawa, J Kleeff, Mw Buechler
  16. Role Of Laparoscopy In Pancreatic Surgery
    C Palanivelu, Ps Rajan, K Sendhil Kumar,R Parthasarathi



    1. Studies On The Incidence Of Enterococcus Species In Urinary Tract Infections, And Their Identification By A Test Scheme
      Priya A Miskeen, Lina Deodhar
    2. Role Of Hepatitis B In Glomerulonephritis
      Deepak N Amarapurkar*, Ashok L Kirpalani**, Anjali D Amarapurkar***
    3. Study Of Sputum Cytologyin Chest Diseases
      Jg Saluja*, Ms Ajinkya**, Bhavana Khemani***
    4. A Typical Chest Pain Clinical Profile Of Patients With Chest Pain With Normal And Abnormal Angiographic Findings
      Malay D Dave *, HS Dhavale **
    5. Fears and Phobias : Are they Normal or Abnormal ?
      HS Dhavale*, Meenal SohaniI**
    6. Levels Of Blood Pressure In An Urban Community
      RB Gurav*, S Kartikeyan**
    7. Anterior Surgery In Thoracic Spine Tuberculosis Ald V/S Transthoracic Decompression
      Nikhil M Bhuskute, Purshottam Gholve
    8. Anterior Surgery In Thoracic Spine Tuberculosis Ald V/S Transthoracic Decompression
      Nikhil M Bhuskute, Purshottam Gholve
    9. Introital Tightening For Huge Prolapse In Elderly Unfit Patients
      Anahita Pandole*, Ranjit Akolekar**,Nishchal Vaidya***, Shailesh Kore***, Vr Ambiye****
    10. Minimally Invasive Plate Osteoynthesis (Mipo) In The Treatment Of Multifragmentary Fractures Of The Tibia
      *Registrar; **Hon. Ass. Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune.
    11. Biological Plating Of Comminuted Femoral Fractures
      Nirad S Vengsarkar*, Ab Goregaonkar***



  1. Choice Of Surgical Procedures for Chronic Pancreatitis
    Ravi D Bapat*; Ranka Satish R**, Chetan V Kantharia***
  2. Neurolytic Coeliac Plexus Block (Ncpb) : A Ten-Year Review of 212 Cases (1991-2000)
    DK Baheti


  1. Cervical Spondylosis : Its Multifaceted Presentation
    J C Patel*, S V Joshi **, H L Dhar ***
  2. Finger Pointing Sign in the Head
    O P Kapoor
  3. Yo Yo Thyroid Disease Versus Sick Sinus Syndrome
    O P Kapoor


    1. Benign Hyperbilirubinaemia
      O P Kapoor.
    2. Use of Acronyms of a Nuisance.
      O P Kapoor.
    3. Some Common Diseases Missed Even By Specialists - Why ?
      O P Kapoor.

  1. Intensified ICU or Intensivist
    O P Kapoor.
  2. A Single Dose Treatment For Leucorrhoea
    O P Kapoor.
  3. Iatrogenic Pathological Reports
    O P Kapoor.


  1. Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis With Splenic Abscess And Empyema
    Yatindra S Kashid, Nitin D Tawte,Krantikumar R Rathod*, jayant D Mohite
  2. Tubercluma in Pregnancy
    Anahita Pandole*, Ranjit Akolekar **,Nischal Vaidya***, Shailesh Kore***, VR Ambiye****
  3. Unusual Presentation of Primary Ovarian Pregnancy
    Anahita Pandole*, Nishchal Vaidya**,Ranjit Akolekar**, Shailesh Kore***, Vr Ambiye****
  4. Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
    Sanjay Rao*, Pk Shah***, Divyani Makwana**,Sheetal Dholakia**, Pankaj Wani**
  5. The Mennen Plate In Periprosthelic
    Pradeep Moonot*, Vg Telang**
  6. Multiple Carboxylase Deficiency
    BN Apte, VN Tibrewala
  7. Prenatal Diagnosis of Maroteaux - lamy syndrome
    BN Apte, Suvarna Bhingarde