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Day care surgery must be promoted not only to save the money of the patient but to avoid nosocomial infections. On page 249 Ravi Bapat, et al from KEM Hospital describe their experience of day care surgery in a public hospital.

Bone mineral density (BMD) to diagnose osteopenia much before osteoporosis develops, is a hot topic in modern days. Osteo sonography, DXA studies, CT scan studies have been established to diagnose the above. The latter two, are expensive. M Anburajan, et al from KJ Hospital, Chennai on page 253 have suggested a very cheap method of measuring BMD from a simple X-ray chest and examination of the clavicle. If this is confirmed by some other groups it will be a feather in the cap of KJ Hospital, Chennai.

On page 265 Sanjay Rao et al from LTMG Hospital present their experience on emergency hysterectomy which has to be done off and on to save the life of the mother.

Healing of the gastrointestinal anastomosis is a very important subject; many operations are unsuccessful and the patient suffer because of the same. Although it is a retrospective study, Ketan Vagholkar from DY Patil Medical College discusses the records of 35 such patients on page 269.

Malaria is such a common condition that article by Jayendra Kapadia (who is a family physician from Surat) will be read by many family physicians for its various presentations and their management which he describes on page 281.

Will tonsillectomy become obsolete? is discussed on page 300 by NK Apte of Bombay Hospital. The article is more interesting because it is written by an ENT specialist.

On page 315 Rajashri Kale and SP Kale from City Hospital, Birmingham present their case report of a 65 year old patient presenting with headache who was absolutely normal on clinical examination but has diastasis of sutures which was the result of head injury.

On page 317 Sanjay Jain from General Hospital, Godhra claims that his is the first case report of brachysyndactyly of the hand.

Primary tubal neoplasms are rare. Cussum Chodankar on page 321 from LTMG Hospital present such a case report.

Finally, though visual disturbance is a common symptoms of preeclampsia and eclampsia, Anahita Pandole et al from LTMG Hospital on page 323 present a case of a patient having retinal detachment with severe preeclampsia.


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