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OP Kapoor

Guest Editor
Dr. Anand Shroff


  1. Clinical Selection Criteria for Wavefront-Guided Lasik
    Mahipal S Sachev
  2. Wound Healing Affecting Visual Outcome in Lasik
    Sri Ganesh
  3. Prospects for Perfect Vision
    Anand A Shroff
  4. Clinical Results of Lasik for Low Moderate and High Myopia with The Technolas 217c Excimer Laser
    Sujal Shah, Anand Shroff
  5. Wavefront - Guided Lasik Overview
    Anand Shroff
  6. Patient Satisfaction After Lasik
    Sujal Shah


  1. Day Care Surgery in a Public Hospital Set Up
    Ravi Bapat, Chetan V Kantharia, Satish Ranka, Girish Bakshi, Anand Iyer
  2. Low Cost Mass Screening Tool for Evaluating Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis : A Breakthrough for The Developing World
    M Anburajan, C Rethinasabapathi, M Paul Korath, BG Ponnappa, TMR Panicker, A Govindan, GNS Prasad, WD Evans, K Jagadeesan
  3. A Prospective Study of Mustard Allergy in Allergic Rhinitis Cases
    DM Tripathi, Suman Kumar, Ashok Gupta, Neena Mehta
  4. Emergency Hysterectomy The Hobsonís Choice in Massive Atonic Post Partum Haemorrhage
    Sanjay B Rao, PK Shah, S Dholakia, N Shreyan, N Vanjara
  5. Healing of Anastomosis in the Gastrointestinal Tract Retrospective Study of 35 Cases
    Ketan R Vagholkar


  1. Chronic alcoholism and dental practice
    Meena S Ranka, Satish Ranka, Rohini Kharat
  2. Saral Meditation
    H L Dhar


  1. Unusual Presentation of Malaria and Its Management ???
    Jayendra Kapadia
  2. The HRD Challenge for 21st Century GP Manpower Management in Medical Practice
    Ashok V Khanvte
  3. Another Important Use of Pulse Oximeter in General Practice
    OP Kapoor
  4. GP Method of Diagnosing a Fatal Disease-Falciparum Malaria
    OP Kapoor
  5. Use SSEP Test t o Exclude Root Lesion to Explain Anterior Chest Pain
    OP Kapoor


  1. Do Not Diagnose COPD in a Non-Smoker with a Normal X-ray Chest
    OP Kapoor
  2. Back to Polypharmacy
    OP Kapoor
  3. Blood Troponin Levels to Reduce Load on ICCU
    OP Kapoor
  4. Why is ESR More Informative than ASO Titre, ANA Levels and Presence of Rheumatoid Factor in a Patient who Complains of Joint Pains?
    OP Kapoor


  1. Will Tonsillectomy Become Obsolete?
    NK Apte
  2. Causes of Bloody Dysentery in Modern Days
    OP Kapoor
  3. Ask Every Housewife " Do You Leave The House Daily"?
    OP Kapoor


  1. Afternoon NAP - A Common Cause of Insomnia
    OP Kapoor
  2. Why is Incidence of Myocardial Infarction More in Morning Walkers?
    OP Kapoor
  3. Where are Stronglyloidis and Giardia Infections?
    OP Kapoor


  1. Labial Fusion
    Punam M Satpute, Sneha D Shirodkar, Vijaya R Badhwar
  2. Traumatic Skull Pan-Sutural Diastasis
    Rajashri P Kale, SP Kale
  3. Brachysyndactyly of Hand : A Case Report with Review of Literature
    Sanjay Jain
  4. Adenomatoid Tumour of The Fallopian Tube
    Cussuma M Chodankar, Urmi Chakravarty, Anjali V Dhurde, CP Shroff
  5. Severe Preeclampsia with Retinal Detachment and Chorioretinitis
    Anahita D Pandole, Ranjit Akolekar, Nagendra S Sardeshpande, Nischal Vaidya,Gauri Jainapur, Shailesh Kore, Vijay R Ambiye
  6. Dumb-Bell Shaped Gist of The Oesophagus
    MA Gore, Sandhya P Iyer, Ajay A Gujar, Varun Dixit, Sandeep R Baliga


  1. Abstracts Of Papers At The 79th Research Meeting Of The Medical Research Centre Of Bombay Hospital
    On Monday, 14th August 2000, 2.30 Pm, Sp Jain Cafeteria (Convenor Dr. Hl Dhar)
  2. Abstracts Of Papers At The 80th Research Meeting Of The Medical Research Centre Of Bombay Hospital
    On Monday, 11th September 2000, 2.30 Pm, Sp Jain Cafeteria (Convenor Dr. Hl Dhar)
  3. Abstracts Of Papers At The 81th Research Meeting Of The Medical Research Centre Of Bombay Hospital
    On Monday, 13th November 2000, 2.30 Pm, Sp Jain Cafeteria (Convenor Dr. Hl Dhar)