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Male Attitude Towards Womenís Empowerment and Contraceptive Practice Publisher : Family Planning Association of India, Mumbai 400 023.

This handbook deals with a rapid assessment study of male perceptions and attitudes towards womenís empowerment and contraceptive practices in the Tonk district of Rajasthan. It highlights the discriminatory practices prevalent in the communities related to birth, education, health and nutrition. The Family Planning Association of India has taken up a broadbased project on Womenís Empowerment and Reproductive Health which aims at enabling women to exercise their rights and lays emphasis on increasing male involvement at three levels namely : as users of services, support programme through advocacy and ownership of responsibility. It makes compelling reading for the uninitiated and clearly defines menís own perception on reproductive health issues, gender concerns and social practices which promote gender based discrimination and violence needs through analysis before their role and responsibilities are defined. This handbook should be a "must-read" for gynaecologists, family physicians and medical social workers in the field for broadening their horizons to this very important issue. I am sure this study will also help in planning strategies, in the years ahead, for better involvement and participation of men particularly in the area of reproductive health and family planning as well as upliftment of women through instruments of empowerment.

Gautam N Allahbadia
Cons. Gynaecologist and -Obstetrician
Bombay Hospital

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