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  1. Endovascular Surgery - Past, Present and Future
    Ramakrishnan Pinjala
  2. The Diabetic Foot
    VS Bedi
  3. Infra Inguinal Bypass Procedure for Ischaemia in the Lower Limb
    NK Bhagavan, Vivekanand, ML Raghunandan, V Srikanth, Venkatesh Reddy
  4. Carotid Interventions
    Rajiv Parakh
  5. Four Layer Bandaging for Venous Ulcer
    Pankaj Patel
  6. Surgical Management of Cancer Kidney with Inferior Vena Caval Extension
    C Anand Somaya, JN Kulkarni, Praful Desai, JJ Vyas
  7. Recent Advances in the Radiological Evaluation of Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease
    R Pant, SJ Punamiya
  8. Peri Operative Management for Peripheral Vascular Surgery
    Tilottama P Mangeshikar, S Karthik

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