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In olden days history taking was given a lot of importance. Our teachers taught us the importance of "O.D.P". In history taking, this word was used for "onset", "duration" and "progress" of a complaint or the symptom which the patient presented with.

In recent years, the doctors are trying to skip history taking and depend more on tests. According to Dr. Ramamoorthy, a senior leading Physician and a private practitioner of Mumbai, 75-80% of all the illnesses can be diagnosed by history taking.[1] My statistics are more or less the same. The statistics of hospital based physicians may be different.

But the problem is, over the years the language has changed! Thus, in the past, I wrote about the value of "Tempo" in private practice[2-4] which was nothing else but "onset" of a complaint.

In this issue, I have written an article on the value of "Sequence" of the complaint in history taking.[5] Really speaking it is nothing, but progress of a complaint or a symptom for which the patient has come to you.


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