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Ajit M Vaze
Ajit M Vaze

The word endourology has become popular, since the last 10-12 years. The word has two distinct meanings for two separate sets of urologists.

Those who did not practice these, thought, endourology was similar to the end of urology. However, those who were in the thick of it had a different story to tell. For them, endourology was the best of urology.

Truely, over the last 10 years, much water has flown under the bridge. Endourology is firmly established and has flourished. There are essentially three divisions of this viz, PCNL, ureteroscopy, lower third endoscopy and now, new laparoscopy.

These advances have become a reality due to advances in imaging, optics and modern training imparted by pioneers in this field.

I am indeed, indebted to several pioneers from India who have agreed to give their enormous contribution by writing in this special issue.

I am indeed humbled and feel a deep sense of gratitude towards them.

As a time rushes, a new chapter may make whatever we all have contributed in this issue ‘obsolete’, especially, in the field of virtual reality training and robotic surgery. I guess, this is a part of the game and one should take it in one’s own stride.

- Ajit M Vaze

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