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Radio-oncologist, Pittsburgh, PA

All over the world, intense research is going on cancer. The type of research done in the past 30 to 40 years has not led to any satisfactory solutions. Although there are advances in surgical techniques, radiation machines and chemotherapy drugs, the overall outcome still remains poor. Patients, because of the toxic side effects and expensive medical care, fear cancer treatments. Furthermore there is no guarantee of cure! This has led to renewed interest in study of Alternative Medicine, not only for treatment of cancer but for many chronic diseases where modern medicine has no satisfactory answers. People all over the world are turning to alternative medical sciences like ayurved, homoeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, yoga, meditation, energy medicine, mind-body methods etc to find better options for their health care. On this background, the study of Dr. Rife’s work on cancer is very interesting. Dr. Royal Rife worked in California in 1930s and 40s. He was reported to have cured even advanced cancers with a simple but novel method, which unfortunately was neglected by medical industry at that time. There has been renewed interest in his work, especially in Germany, France, England, Australia and now in America. Before we understand what the Rife Method is all about, it would be helpful to get some facts on cancer.

Cancer incidence is increasing throughout the world. After having spent billions and billions of dollars, no definite cause has been yet found. Orthodox allopathic medicine views cancer as a localized disease and tries to attack the disease with toxic invasive therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. Most of the research is focused on finding new drugs or more powerful radiation techniques to kill the cells. These methods also damage immune systems of body, weakening it further. It does little to correct the basic imbalance which has led to cancer. According to Dr. John Cairns of Harvard University School of Public Health, chemotherapy is curative only in 2% to 3% of all cancer patients although it is routinely given to more than 50% cancer patients in America. Alternative medicine views cancer tumour as a symptom of some deep rooted disorder of immune system or bodily imbalance that allows the tumour to grow. Hence, unless one corrects this imbalance, one can not hope to cure cancer. Reviewing a large number of cancer patients who were "spontaneously cured", Canadian Professor Dr. Harold Foster found in 1988 that most of these patients had made major dietary changes - usually switching to strict vegetarian diet and avoiding white flour, refined sugars and canned foods, before the "cure" happened! Various dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and certain herbs are documented to help reverse the cancer progress. Meditation and Yoga are shown to improve immunity and help fight many diseases including cancer.

Types of common cancers vary in different countries. For example, in India, cancer of mouth and throat is most common and accounts for about 35% to 40% of all cancers. It is estimated that about 15 lakh Indians would get cancer. In America and Europe, cancer of lung, prostate (male) and breast (female) is most common. Cancer of colon is also getting more common. This may be related to poor quality of foods consumed and unhealthy lifestyles. In Japan, cancers of stomach and food-pipe are common. These differences may be due to different life styles, food habits etc in different regions.

Although no precise causation of cancer is known, there are various theories and observations. Tobacco leads to cancer. Unhealthy food, polluted air and impure water are responsible for various diseases. Industrial chemicals and pesticides find their way quickly into food chains. These general observations rightly warn us to stay away from certain risks. On the other hand, it is seen that people who never smoked or ate tobacco also had cancer. Even young children and babies do develop cancer. At the other extreme, we see people in good health in spite of having indulged in all the bad habits. So the culprits like tobacco, alcohol, pollution, etc do not explain the whole picture. There must also be some other reason for development of cancer. These are termed as internal causes, which make one reason for development of cancer. This can be called our own immunity to fight against various diseases. This is our constitution. Weakening of immunity leads to development of various diseases. The outside causes such as tobacco, pollution, stress, infections, injuries, etc trigger the development of cancer in genetically susceptible persons. The external causes are called carcinogens. If we avoid exposure to carcinogens, our risk of getting cancer is reduced, even if we have susceptible genetic constitution. However, persistent exposure to external carcinogens slowly alters our constitution and can make us susceptible to develop cancer.

Cancer is not an infectious disease like tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera, pneumonia, etc. It does not spread by contact. It is not caused by any germs coming from outside. However, certain viruses are known to cause cancer in experimental animals. Virus is an extremely small germ, smaller than bacteria, which can not be seen under regular microscope. Virus can be studied only under high power microscope or electron microscope. Electron microscope were developed recently, in the past few decades. Some viruses are demonstrated to produce breast cancers and other tumours in monkeys, rabbits and mice. In human, Burkitt’s lymphoma a type of lymph node cancer, and some malignant papilloma are linked with certain viruses. In general, if we are exposed to chronic infection, injury, pollution, unhealthy food, water air, tobacco and drug abuse, etc over many years, our risk of developing cancer increases markedly. We are all actually swimming in the sea of germs all through our life. Only few of us get the disease while others resist the germs successfully.

Dr. Royal Rife had a very novel approach for his time. Rife was a true researcher and a genius. In early 1920s, he developed a special microscope, which could magnify objects to around 25,000 times or more. The common microscopes we see in our clinical laboratories magnify only up to 3000 times. At high power of magnification at 25000 or more, very small viruses could be easily studied. He then studied blood and tissue cells from a number of cancer patients. He found that very small living particles were present within the cells of cancer patients. He termed this as BX virus. On studying a large number of patients and healthy individuals over a long period, he concluded that these viruses did not come from outside the body. These virus developed within the cells. He proved transformation of pre-existing harmless bacteria into disease causing bacteria and viruses. This, he thought, was in response to accumulation of toxic waste products within tissues. As per the earlier work of Prof. Enderlein of Germany, all the living cells in body always have such small living harmless particles, which Dr. Enderlein named as protids. We all are born with protids within the cells, which sit quietly and harmlessly till something goes wrong. Then these protids change their harmless form and are converted into disease producing microorganism. It was shown, by Rife that, under toxic unhealthy conditions, certain harmless bacteria assumed different forms and converted themselves to harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc leading to different disease conditions. Under microscope, Rife observed conversion was due to accumulated toxins and waste products in the cells in different parts of body. He came to the conclusion that exposure to carcinogens slowly alters the constitution and makes body ready for cancer. BX viruses then grow within the body and invade the cells to cause cancer.

Dr. Rife continued his work to find out how these viruses could be destroyed. After many years of hard work, Rife developed an electrical machine, which generated adjustable high frequency radio RF beams. He could adjust the frequencies from few hundred hertz to few million hertz per second. He discovered that at a specific frequency, the rays would lead to explosion and destruction of BX viruses. This viral destruction was observed by him under his microscope when he directed these rays to cancer affected tissue. When the viruses were destroyed, the cancer tumour slowly reduced and ultimately disappeared within a couple of months. According to available reports, the patients felt much better and cancer was "cured"! This machine was called the Rife Ray Machine. Further experiments were conducted at California University Medical School in 1930s in presence of leading doctors and medical scientist of that time. These exceptionally good results were documented and published at that time. It created big enthusiasm in other doctors who independently confirmed Dr. Rife’ observations. Later on this research was discredited and suppressed due to the fear that if such a simple solution really worked for cancer, it would be economically bad for the medical industry in USA. Dr. Rife died about 20 years ago.

Rife’s work is now being looked at with great interest because of resurgence of Alternative Medicine. In Germany, different versions of Rife Ray machines are being manufactured and used for research on various diseases. It is reported that this treatment will help not only cancer but many other chronic disease as well. Ongoing research on these lines in next few years will throw more light on the causes of cancer and how to deal with it safely, effectively and gently.

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