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  1. Day Care' Comes of Age
    L H Hiranandani

  2. Day Care Surgery-Socioeconomic Need of the Hour
    RD Bapat, Chetan V Kantharia

  3. Our Experience of Day Case Laparoscopic Urological Procedures
    DD Gaur

  4. Practical Aspects of `Walkaway' Outpatient Surgery in Ophthalmology
    RC Patel

  5. Anaesthesia in Day Care Surgery
    Paras S Jain, Sudarshan Somani

  6. Day Care Surgery in Orthopaedics
    CG Pradhan, JA Pachore

  7. Day Care Surgery : A General Surgeon's Perspective
    T Naresh Row, MM Begani, Niranjan Agarwal

  8. Advanced Plastic Surgery Procedures As Day Care
    Ashok K Gupta, Vinay Jacob

  9. Ambulatory Surgery in Children
    Kishore Adyanthaya, Amrish Vaidya, Vrishali Patil

  10. An Overview in Day Care Cosmetic Surgery
    Viraj S Tambwekar, Suresh R Tambwekar, Kumkum Khadalia, Rustom P Ginwala

  11. Interventional Pain Management (IVPM)
    A Day Care Procedure
    DK Baheti

  12. Day Care ENT Surgery
    Nishit Shah

  13. Day Care Surgeries in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    Nitin Pai-Dhungat, PB Pai-Dhungat

  14. Day Care for IVF Clinics
    Aniruddha Malpani, Anjali Malpani

  15. Day Care Surgery in Ophthalmology
    Rahul A Shroff

  16. Anaesthesia for Neck Surgeries in Day Care
    Rajesh Dave

  17. Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery as Day Care
    Anand Somaya

  18. Anal Fistula-Management by Ksharsootra
    Sudeep A Chitnis, Mahesh V Sanghavi

  19. Onco-Surgery As Day Care
    Sanjay Gangwal

  20. Dentistry and Day Care Surgery Today
    Nisha Khushalani, Prashant Kankaria, JS Talwalkar

  21. Short Stay (Day) Surgery in Rural Setup : A Rural Surgeon's Impression
    Dev Taneja

  22. Day Care Surgery in Neurosurgery
    CS Deopujari

  23. Day Care in Urology
    BS Bansal

  24. Arthroscopic Day Care Surgery An Approach to New Millennium
    Sanjeev Jain

  25. Botulin Toxin-In Day Care Plastic Surgery
    Viraj S Tambwekar, Suresh R Tambwekar, Kumkum Khadalia, Rustom P Ginwala

  26. Day Care Coronary Angioplasty
    BK Goyal, Ramesh Kawar BC Kalmath, Anil Sharma

  27. Outpatient Therapeutic Gastrointestinal Endoscopy : Scope and Limitations
    Pankaj Dhawan

  28. Interventional Radiology in the New Era of Day Care Surgery
    Gireesh M Warawdekar, Vimal R Someshwar

  29. Day Care in Diabetes
    Anand Gokani

  30. Day Care in Psychiatry
    Ashit Seth

  31. Day Care Surgery - The Physicians Viewpoint
    JS Sorabjee

  32. Day-Care Haematology and Transfusion Services : A New Facility
    VP Antia

  33. Providing Oncology Care in Day Care Setting
    Bhavna Parikh

  34. CT Guided Procedure as Day Care
    Inder Talwar

  35. Brachytherapy as Day Care Treatment
    Sudhir K Bhargava, SS Dagaonkar

  36. Day Care in Blood Bank
    Maya Parihar-Malhotra

  37. Setting Up a Day Care Centre
    T Naresh Row, MG Nariani, MM Begani, Niranjan Agarwal

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