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  1. A Comparative Study Between Tramadol and Pethidine as a Form of Labour Analgesia
    Anahita Pandole, Ranjit Akolekar, Nagendra Sardeshpande, Shailesh Kore, VR Ambiye

  2. Role of Lignocaine Jelly Application to Alleviate Vaginal Pain During 1st Trimester MTP Under Local
    Jignesh J Kansaria, SV Parulekar

  3. Is Caesarean Section for very Low Birth Weight Preterm Babies?
    Meghana Joshi, Sanjay Rao, MN Fonseca, VR Badhwar, Vinit Patil

  4. Contraceptively Aware - Nonacceptance Beware!! : A Study of Correlation of Awareness of Family
    Planning Methods (TL + IUCD) with its Nonacceptance

    Punam M Satpute, Vinayak Swati, Rakhee M Gupta, Suchitra N Pandit, RV Badhwar

  5. Effect of Saral Meditation - Comparative Study of Short and Long Term Practice
    AH Shah, SV Joshi, Naina Potdar, HL Dhar

  6. Prophylactic Use of Panchavalkal (Pentaphyte - P - 5) for Chemoprophylaxis in Major Gynaecological
    HS Palep, Pallavi Shukla, Smita Gujar, Vidya Wagh, Manisha Salunkhe, Vandana Khatri

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