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Successful Private Practice - Winning strategies for Doctors by Drs. Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani
UBS Publishers and Distribution Pvt. Ltd. 2004.

The above named book is a painstaking effort by Drs. Malpani to help new comers in medical practice. It is mostly addressed to young and upwardly mobile consultants, preferably who also have a good knowledge of the computers. Some of the tips given by the authors e.g. on Time Management and Personal Education could also be used by district level and senior doctors.

The authors have gone into tremendous details and cover all situations like choosing the location of practice, staffing, equipment and professional attitudes. They have recommended full use of the computer and the internet. The chapter on interpersonal relations and malpractice are particularly relevant.

The old formula of success : namely professional competency, good public relations and luck; has been expanded upon to inculcate modern management techniques. The Malpanis have a good command of the language and the epigrams and proverbs at the beginning of each chapter are refreshing. The cartoons provided in between are a fair relief.

The book can be criticized on grounds of its length and frequent references to practices in the USA. In my opinion, the last ten chapters are controversial, maintaining good relations at home with your wife and child varies with each home and with each circumstance. Most doctors have their own way of dealing with it. Spirituality and qualities of leaderships; desire to lead are very individual and cannot be generalized.

The book would gain by removing the last ten chapters which will also make it more readable.

The bottom line: good book, good effort and wishing the book all success.

Dr. P Madhok
Ashwini Nursing Home, 15th Road,
Khar, Mumbai 400 052.

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