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Editorial OP Kapoor
Editor's Choice OP Kapoor
Original / Research Articles
A Preliminary Study of Catheter Associated Bacteriuria
Rohan Chaudhari, Anjali Deshpande, Subhash A Angadi, Geeta V Koppikar
Diagnostic Importance of Antibodies TBIgG and IgA and Adenosine Deaminase in Tuberculous Pleural Effusion in Indian Population
Rohan Chaudhari, Anjali Deshpande, Subhash A Angadi, Geeta V Koppikar
Abdominal Cervico-Vaginotomy, Pedicular Transection and Hemibisection of Polyp for Vaginal Polypectomy
SV Parulekar, Alka S Gupta
Prediction of Preterm Labour by Transvaginal Sonography
SJ Kore, Sanjay Rao, Ashwini Bhagwat, Prachi Gujarathi, VR Ambiye, VR Badhwar
Pattern of Thyroid Malignancy at King Abdulaziz University Hospital (Jeddah)
Faiza A Qari
Predictive Value of Colposcopy in Cervical Cancer Screening
Krishna Algotar, Atul Nalawade, Shivani Sachdev
A Pilot Study on the Breast Development in Female Wistar Rats Using an Indigenous Herbal Preparation by Topical Application
V Pugalendhi, R Karunanithi, TMR Panicker, Chinnamma Abraham, Prema Gurumurthy, M Paul Korath, K Jagadeesan
Preliminary Communication
D-Dimer and Prostate Cancer : Is There an Association?
V Srinivas, M Dholakia, A Khandilkar, P Shetty
Review Article
Mechanism of Saral Meditation without Mantra that Improves All Round Quality Life
HL Dhar
Cost Effectiveness / Yield / Medical Economics
Can The Level of Haemoglobin Help in Differential Diagnosis of Common Fevers?
O P Kapoor
Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis in Unaffording Patients
O P Kapoor
Symptoms / Sign / Obsolete / Evergreen New
The Word `Sinus' should not be Used as a Diagnostic Label in Private Practice
O P Kapoor
O P Kapoor
Disease Pattern in India
Do not Diagnose 'Acute' Tonsillitis Unless Definite Clinical Criteria are Present
O P Kapoor
General Practitioner's Section
Stress Management : An Essence of Life
Deepa Velankar
Anti-erythropoietin Antibodies - A Recent Entity to Explain Resistance to Recombinant Erythropoietin Therapy
Vipla Puri
Treatment of Hysterical Dyspnoea
O P Kapoor
SSA to be Added While Treating Erectile Dysfunction
O P Kapoor
Indications for Tonsillectomy
O P Kapoor
Wanted Interventional Rheumatologists in Mumbai
O P Kapoor
When to Change the Dose of Anti-Diabetic Drugs in a Well Stabilised Patient
O P Kapoor
Case Reports
Eosinophilic Enteritis
Sandesh Sharma, Manish Singh, Saleem Naik, Sanjay Kumar, Subodh Varshney
Hepatic Abscess Due to Tuberculosis in an Immunocompetent Patient
Roopa Viswanathan, Subhash Jain, MB Pandey, Animesh Shah, Iyer Viswanathan
Adenocarcinoma of the Jejunum Presenting with Intestinal Obstruction
Ajay H Bhandarwar, Shivkumar S Utture, Sunderraj Ellur, Tanuj Shrivastava
Hydatid Cyst of Liver - A Laparoscopic Management
Amit Goel, Brijendra Tiwari, Pavitra Ganguli
Ileal Atresia with Dextrocardia in a Case of Poland's Syndrome
CS Ravikiran,Tejaswini A Kamat, Pradnya S Bendre, Gaddi Diwakar, S Minakshi, Alok S Godse
Gastric Stromal Tumour
Chirag C Parikh, Dipesh D Dutta Roy, Brijesh Madhok, Sashidhar V Yeluri, Adeesh Jain
Re-Recurrent Renal Stones : An Outcome of Missed Metabolic Evaluation
Gaurang Shah, Raseash Desai
Imaging Findings in Renal Hilar "Extra-adrenal" Phaeochromocytoma
Paritosh C Khanna, Vijaya Warudkar, Suleman A Merchant, Ajita Nawale
Foetal Meconium Peritonitis : Early Diagnosis, Improved Outcome
Shilpa S Abhyankar, YS Nandanwar, Umesh Athavale
Successful Use of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors with High Dose Sympathomimetics in Cases of Refractory Cardiogenic Shock of Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Praveen P Jadhav, Vivek G Patwardhan, Deodatta Chaphekar
A Case of "Double" Depression Under Outpatient Treatment Conditions
Leszek Tomasz Ros
Viper Bites in Children
Rajesh R Joshi, V Venkatramani
Comminuted Fracture of Base of Ist Metacarpal with Fracture Trapezium
Amit Kapoor, Sameer Shah, Sashidhar Yeluri
Book Review
Abstacts from MRC/BH
Instructions to Authors to Prepare Manuscripts