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Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy
Amol Pawar*, JJ Kansaria**, SV Parulekar***
Comparative Study of Epidural Tramadol v/s Bupivacaine for Postoperative Analgesia Using Disposable Non-Mechanical Elastomeric Balloon Pump
Prerana Shroff*, Preeti Ahuja**, Shravani Chandra***, L Chaudhari****

Foley’s Bulb Hitch
Alka S Gupta*, SV Parulekar**


Recurrent Abortions are Associated with Cancer History
A Rangnekar*, HK Goswami**, Rajeev Goswami***


An Overview of Gynaecological Geriatric Indoor Patients
Ashok Kumar Shukla*, Asha R Dalal**


Role of Synovial Fluid Analysis and Synovial Biopsy in Joint Diseases
Sangeeta B Kulkarni (Bhide)*, Ila M Vora**, Subhash Abraham***, Shanu Srivastava*, Jignesh Sheth+, Rakesh Chaturvedi++


A Trial of Comparative Analysis of Therapeutic Effects of Selected Drugs in the so Called Major Depression
Leszek Tomasz Ros