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By Dr. DM Thappa; Publisher : Elseveir; Second Edition.

This book is intended for undergraduates, post-graduates and general practitioners.

It has 405 pages and divided into well-laid out 40 chapters. They are well planned out and include basics of each diseases chapter 3 on phenomena, signs and tests is well thought off for undergraduate exams. schematic diagrams are clear and give out lot of information.

Clinical photographs at times are not very clear. One important aspect of medicine ie differential diagnosis of skin lesions which is not included under individual diseases. If this book is intended for general practitioners it also needs to discuss therapy in more detail. This book will be very useful for undergraduates preparing for the final MBBS examination. I am sure the author will keep the suggestion in mind and include them in next edition.

Dr. Deepak A Parikh

Skin specialist, Bombay Hospital

Sex Education and Sex Problems with Case-Studies and Guidelines

Author and Publisher : Dr. Girish Sanghavi, Khetwadi 6th Lane, Mumbai - 400 004. Pages : 153; Price : Rs.120/- (Overseas:$18)

Sex and sexuality are inevitable for the propagation of life and therefore much concerned, yet completely neglected by the medical profession. People are tempted to learn secretly; therefore quacks are flourishing. The alarming increase in HIV positive cases has further endorsed the need for Sexuality Education. At such needy hour Dr. Girish Sanghavi's book, "Sex Education and Sex Problems" should prove to be a boon for the medical practitioners as well as for the common people.

Dr. Sanghavi is a Psychologist, Sexologist and Hypnotherapist. He has taken pains to deal with Sex Education, Sex problems, Sex Therapy and allied issues. He has also stressed the need of Sex Counselling.

The book explains sexual Dysfunctions like Desire disorders, Arousal disorders and Orgasmic disorders in males and females and also Dyspareunia and Vaginismus. The author has dealt with the subjects like Unconsummated marriage, sexual dysfunctions associated with Chronic Alcoholism and Depression, Body Dysmorphic disorders, Sexual Abuse of teenagers and Homosexuality. He has also discussed rare entities like Nymphomania and Female Ejaculation. Myths and Misconceptions about sexuality that form a major part of sex education and sex problems, have been elaborated through 3 chapters in this book. Most of the cases are explained through case-studies.

Dr. Sanghavi is one of the few who use Cognitive Restructuring, Ego Strengthening techniques and Hypnotherapy as Psychotherapeutic tools in dealing with these cases and has found to have good results. Many others have found PLISSIT model (J. Annon) and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (Albert Ellis) to be effective. However, there is no doubt that this book will prove useful for the medical practitioners in understanding sexual problems and also for the common people in overcoming the misconceptions about sex and sexuality.

Dr. Vithal Prabhu

Vice-Chairperson, Council of Sex Education,

Counselling and Therapy-International (CSEPI)