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Quantum Meditation in Reversal of Aging and Disease Process
HL Dhar

Quantum meditation is a new concept based on fundamental approach of Buddha, His reaching the quantum level (vacuum) through His great power of concentration and currently Deepak Chopra's quantum mechanical healing claiming cure of long standing cancer. It has been planned based on many years of practice, founding and preaching of meditation and on inner feeling as well as studied meditations of almost all kinds.

Meditation particularly TM and Saral meditation (prototype of TM but without mantra) is the best anti-aging medicine. It increases intelligence, vitality and glamour. Quantum meditation (2nd phase of Saral meditation) reverses aging and disease process particularly long standing incurable disease like cancer and practice by mothers much before conception will prevent abnormality in foetus.


Meditation is known to be the best anti-aging medicine.1 and Transcendental meditation (TM) has been reported to reverse aging process.2 Recently, Saral Meditation a prototype of TM but without `Mantra` has been shown to delay aging process.3,4 Deepak Chopra has claimed complete regression of cancer by quantum approach through meditation, Bliss and primordial sound.5,6 Present article refers to Quantum meditation (second phase of Saral meditation) reversing aging and diseased process, irrespective of the condition. This is an attempt to reach quantum level through meditation and primordial sound attaining Bliss and ultimately reaching the area of quantum mechanical energy untouched by diseases. A preliminary note on quantum healing is discussed in detail earlier.7

Quantum healing
Physics tells us that basic fabric of nature lies at the quantum level far beyond atoms and molecules. A quantum is million times smaller than the smallest unit called atom. Like photon it is a wave of energy, invisible vibration waiting to take physical form. Ayurveda says the same is true of the human body - it takes form as invisible vibration before it proceeds to coalesce into impulses of energy and particles of matter. This is where knowledge comes from. This is the invisible field very much like the underlying intelligence in DNA, the seat of consciousness, ultimate source of everything. One great advantage of quantum mechanical body is that it does not age, a quality one sees throughout the quantum level of nature.

Protons and neutrons do not grow older nor does electricity. Life, which consists of these fundamental particles and forces, is astonishingly durable. Our DNA has remained the same for the last 600 million years. In recent years a new concept of quantum healing has been described.5 It has been claimed that through meditation, Bliss and primordial sound one can reach the area of consciousness and based on this hypothesis claimed to have cured incurable disease like cancer.6

Quantum meditation and reversal of disease process
Recently it has been claimed that quantum level can be reached through Saral meditation (phase 2) attaining Bliss ultimately reaching an area untouched by aging process.1 Since quantum healing is the ability of one mode of consciousness (mind) to correct the mistakes of another mode of consciousness (the body) it is likely that quantum meditation will reverse all disease processes as well. This hypothesis is substantiated by the fact that incurable cancer patients have been cured by quantum healing and that through vipasana meditation one can conquer pain and suffering (disease). In quantum healing the body is sending out all kinds of visible signals waiting for pick up. One has a quantum pulse, underlying the physical one, a quantum heart beating it out. In fact Ayurveda holds that all organs and processes in the body have a quantum equivalent.

Quantum Meditation
Quantum meditation is a new concept of reaching quantum level through Saral Meditation. It is a vedic approach with the fundamental idea that human being are created out of consciousness. According to Ayurveda, it takes form as an invisible vibration called quantum fluctuations before it proceeds to coalesce into impulses of energy and particles of matter. This is where knowledge comes from, the invisible field very much like underlying intelligence, the seat of consciousness. Saral meditation forms the foundation acting at molecular level like other meditations e.g. TM. Approach of Quantum meditation is far beyond the atoms and molecules attained through primordial sound and Bliss which takes one beyond the present moments, the limits of our knowledge, limits of the Universe. Bliss is an experience of extraordinary feeling called `Anand' in sanskrit, where there is no sorrow, pain and suffering. But this state is difficult to achieve, requires concentrated and determined efforts and again question arises how long one can remain in that state. Once one reaches that state, regression of all ill-effects will start but regular practice will ensure its success.

Quantum meditation has been developed aiming at reversal of all disease processes through deep meditation penetrating deeply into our own nature as shown by Buddha who found the entire material structure beneath our mind was a vacuum8 and conquered all worldly suffering. Even present day Buddhist monks are a happy lot not because they are born with happier genes but through practice of meditation.9 One may not reach the level Buddha reached, it is possible for common man to reverse the disease process through long continued efforts. With this concept advanced stage of Saral meditation (Quantum meditation) has been devised. One can approach the area through meditation and primordial sound attaining Bliss, a complete silence, where mind is elevated to a level beyond the boundaries of the universe, beyond the limits of our knowledge and experience, ultimately touching the quantum level untouched by disease.

However, this is not an easy approach showing result like drug treatment. It will depend on the individual how quickly one can pick up the technique of Quantum meditation, one has to learn the initial step before starting the next step, unlike Saral meditation, it requires primordial sound like meditation, it requires primordial sound like mantra. This does not prevent individual from taking usual treatment. Efforts are on to regress long standing disease like cancer and to prevent genetic abnormalities in foetus by mother practicing quantum meditation much before conception

The author with his long standing practice of meditation (TM) followed by, introducing Saral meditation without mantra and studying all kinds of meditation including Vipassana, could envisage the potential of Buddha's teaching and lead from Deepak Chopra's quantum healing and propounded the Quantum meditation and practised it including few close associates. The result is wonderful, one can claim that in such a short period although complete cure of disease and reversal of aging process could not be established, it was found that individuals are much better off with reduced suffering and hope to get rid of it in not uncertain period. One of the core aspect of Quantum meditation is that practice by mothers much before conception will prevent abnormality in foetus.

Definition of Quantum Meditation
Meditation is the oldest technique available to human beings to understand the relationship between body, mind and spirit. It is an inner feeling working at molecular level causing all round quality of life.

Quantum meditation may be defined as a method of meditation which will take us deeper and deeper within us, through Bliss and primordial sound until reaching the level of consciousness, the inner vacuum (quantum level) from where intelligence comes from, the seat of absolute silence (Transcendence) untouched by pain ad suffering (disease).

Technique as per Saral meditation10 quiet surrounding, comfortable sitting position, back straight, eyes closed with consciousness of breathing but to be practised morning and evening with no time limit as long as one can attain Bliss through consciousness of the primordial (life energy) sound. Reaching the supreme consciousness level, the inner core, the quantum level will come automatically (effort less).

Preventive (Saral meditation):

To practice once in twenty four hours for 20 minutes

Improve intelligence, delay aging and prevent illness Curative (Quantum meditation)

To be practised twice in 24 hours, no time limit, once reached the quantum level through Bliss and primordial sound, regression of aging and illness will start automatically to be sustained with regular practice.


  1. Phase 1 (Saral meditation) will prevent disease and increase intelligence, performance and personality and one will look younger than chronological age.
  2. Phase 2 (Quantum meditation) will cure all long standing incurable conditions like cancer and genetic disorders in foetus if mother practices it at least 6 months to one year before conception, maintaining it throughout pregnancy. It should be a life's integral part for continuous peace and harmony.

One can reverse aging and cure long standing diseases through learning and practice of Quantum Meditation practice by mother before conception will prevent genetic abnormality in the foetus.


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Director, Medical Research Centre, Bombay Hospital Trust, Mumbai 400 020.