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Editorial O P Kapoor
Guest Editorial
Day Care Surgery - Revised
Recent advances in Ophthalmic Day Care Surgery
Keiki R Mehta
Day Care Surgery for Breast Cancer
SM Bose
Day Care Surgery and Camps in Rural Areas
RR Tongaonkar
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery with special application to Disc Surgery
SC Gore
Hospital Administrator and Day Surgery
SKP Matwankar, Atul Adaniya
Adult Day Case Anaesthesia-Present Day Scenario
T Mangeshikar
Day Care in Urology
JG Lalmalani
Anorectal Surgery-Day Care is the Mantra
Parvez Sheikh
Perioperative Analgesia in Day Care Surgery
Paridhi Mehta, Paras Jain
Advancement in General Surgery as Day-Case
T Naresh Row, MM Begani
Day Care in Medicine
MM Begani, Niranjan Agarwal, Naresh T Row
Original / Reserch
US-guided Fine Needle Aspiration Cytological Analysis of Thyroid Lesions
Uday C Bannur, KMS Gowda, M Farrugia
Anaesthetic Management of Parathyroidectomy : Retrospective Analysis - 15 Years
Prerana P Shroff, Amala G Kudalkar, Surekha K Kamath
Study of Precocious Puberty in Children Treated with Medroxyprogesterone Acetate
RR Joshi, Sudha Rao
A Comparative Study of Collagen Sheet Cover Versus 1% Silver Sulphadiazine in Partial Thickness Burns
Mukund B Tayade, Girish D Bakhshi, Nabakishor Haobijam
Impact of Baby Friendly Hospitals on the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Breast Feeding
Sanjay B Rao, Sachin K Ajmera, Medha Bhide, Neetu Khatanhar, VR Badhwar
Red Cell G6PD Levels in Patients of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Before and After Chemotherapy
Veena Singh, PS Ghalaut, Kiran Dahiya, Rajat Gupta, Rakesh Dhankhar
A Comparative Study of Bedside Screening Tests as Predictors of Difficult Intubation
Rochana G Bakhshi, Manjula Sarkar
Hepatotropic Viral Infection in Pregnancy - Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Revisited
Archana Bhosale, Shilpa Patil, Michelle Fonseca, YS Nandanwar
Tuberculosis in Pregnancy and The Impact of Directly Observed Therapy - Short Course (Dots)
Sanjay B Rao, Sachin J Dalal, VR Badhwar, Milind Patil
Vibrio Cholerae Isolations from Patients of Gastroenteritis in Mumbai
Vaishali R Wabale, Dnyaneshwari P Ghadge, Abhay S Chowdhary, Renu S Bharadwaj
Early Discharge After Open Appendicectomy
Jagdish B Hedawoo, Bharat S Kamath, SP Phundkar
Head, Face and Neck Malignancy : Impact of Stage at Presentation
Sandhya P Iyer, MA Gore, Prabhakar Subramaniyan, Shivraj Tengse
A Novel Technique of Pin Passage and Construct in the Treatment of Type 3 Supracondylar Fracture Humerus in Children
Samir P Pilankar, Anil R Karkhanis, Nilesh K Patil, Vaibhav Bagaria
Facing the Challenges of Adolescent Reproductive Health - Is Counselling The Answer?
Suchitra N Pandit, Sachin J Dalal, Sanjay B Rao, Arti Narayanswamy
Science and Spirituality
HL Dhar
Quantum Meditation in Reversal of Aging and Disease Process
HL Dhar
Diabetes and Eyes
RK Kapoor
Acetazolamide (Diamox) — Re-Entry of This Old Drug in The Doctor’s Prescription
O P Kapoor
Treatment of Tension Headache in An Affluent Patient
O P Kapoor
Timing of Intake of Medicine should be Explained to Every Patient
O P Kapoor
Cost Effectiveness/Yield/MEDICAL ECONOMICS
Treatment of Neck Pain Due to Cervical Spondylosis
O P Kapoor
Symptoms / Sign / Obsolete / Evergreen / New
Do not Diagnose a ‘Functional’ Murmur in the Heart
O P Kapoor
Disease Pattern in India
Exercise Induced Asthma - A Very Rare Entity
O P Kapoor
Case Reports
Parasitic Colonic Segment
Alka S Gupta, SV Parulekar, Chitra Madiwale
Bicornuate Uterus with Primary Infertility Conception: An Uncommon Presentation
Shruti S Dubhashi, Reena J Wani
Glenoid Neck Fracture : An Unusual Fracture Pattern of Glenoid Bone and its Management
JP Choudhari, Bhavik Patel, AJ Thakkar
Unusual Case of Chronic Pain in Abdomen
Hemangi K Chaudhari, Alka Gupta
Non-syndromic Alagille’s Syndrome
Suja Moorthy, Niranjan K Singh, Surbhi Rathi, Meenakshi Balasubramanian, VS Ramesh, Mukesh Agarwal, Krishna Nikam
Transient Global Amnesia Revisited
Kavita Krishna, Deepansh Bhatia, A Kaushal, S Taneja
Unusual Case of Rupture of Malignant Ovarian Cyst
Hemangi K Chaudhari, Alka Gupta
Eosinophilic Enteritis Mimicking Ileocaecal Kochs
Arshad S Khan, Girish D Bakhshi, Ashraf A Khan, Prithvipal R Chavan, Siddharth Sarangi, Hemant H Deore
Abstracts from MRC/BH