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Mitral Valve Replacement in fifth Decade: Still a High Risk Proposition
Kaushalendra SIngh Rathore, Pawan Kumar, Uday Jadhav, Anil G Tendolkar
Trends in Neonatal Lung Pathology
Grace Francis D'costa, Milind Chincholikar, Yoganand Patil
Effect of Differne Inspired Oxygen Concentrations During Casarean Section Under Spinal Anaesthesia on maternal and Foetal Oxygenation and Lipid Perozidation
Veena Singh, Sarla Hooda, Kiran Dahiya, Rajesh Sharma
Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis - An Indian Scenario
Nupur Nerurkar, Shantanu Tandon,Kiran Kalel, Anagha Joshi, Poonam Gharat, Renuka Bradoo
A Comparative Study of One Lung Anaesthesia Versus Two Lung Anaesthesia for Thoracic Spine Surgeries done by Anterior Appraoch
Pallavi Nandoskar, Anita Shetty , Priti Ahuja , L V Dewoolkar
"Haleezy" - A Natural , Herbal Anti - asthmatic - Meets The Unfulfilled Need in Prevention of Acute Exacerbation and Maintaining Remission in Asthama
Patil Milind , Vyas Manas
Effect of Oral Clonidine Premedication in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Surgery
Sunita Goel, Manju Sinha
Microsporidia as an emerging Cause of Parasitic Diarrhoea in HIV Seropositive Indivisuals in Mumbai
Siddhartha Dalvi, Preeti Mehtam, Avani Koticha, Nataraj Gita