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EDITORIL -by Invitation
Anaestesia Chart - Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre
D K Baheti
Preanaesthesia Assessment
Vijaya Patil
Informed Consent for High Risk Patients
D K baheti
Anaesthesiologist as a Perioperative Physician
S Gajendragadkar, M Butani
The Surgeon and The Anaesthetist An Enduring Professional Relationship
P B Desai
Inter-personal Relationship between Surgeon and Anaesthetist
S R Gupte
The Obstructed Airway: Is it Significant to the General Practitioner?
D K Rajsingh, M R Rai
Transfer of the Critically Ill Patient : The UK Perspective
Seema Darshane
Local Anaesthetics for Surgery
Vandana Lahiri
Era of Operative Nerve Blocks
J P Arora
Spinal and Epidural Anaestheia
Smita Sharma
Child Birth: "Pain or Pleasure?"
Ketan Parikh
Anaesthesia Practice in Nursing Homes
Hemant Shinde
Ambulatory Anaesthesia
J N Monteiro
Anaesthesia and the Diabetic Patient
Aparna Chatterji
Role of Anaesthesiologist in Cardiac Cath Lab
Kalpana Shah
Anaesthesia for CT and MRI
Shilpa Trivedi
Kidney Transplant - Our Experience of Thousand Cases
S R Gupte, Smita Sharma
Anaesthesia in Opthalmic Surgery
M M Sharma, A M Sharma
Anaesthetic Management of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)
Pratima Kothare
Smoking and Anaesthehyuusia
Dhananjay Sanjekar
Delayed Awakening / Recovery / Emergence from Anaesthesia
Vandana Lahiri
Newer Drugs in Anaesthesia
Pradyna Kulkarni
Symptom Oriented Chronic Pain Management - An Update
DK Baheti
Advances In Medicine - New Treatment Options for Pain Offer Hope to Many
Gauri Sankhe, Anil Parakh
Anaesthetic Management of a Patient with Von Willebrandís Disease with Cerebral Cavernoma
Gauri Sankhe, Anil Parakh
Anaesthetic Management of Correction of Bilateral Temporo Mandibilar Joint Ankylosis in a Patient with Klippel Feil Syndrome, Mandibular Retrognathia and Kyphoscoliosis
Indrani Hemant Kumar, S Umbarkar
Retromol Intubation - IN patients of Panfacial Trauma Involving Cribriform Plate - A Case Report**
Pradeep Ingle, Vandana Trasy, Anand Chaudhary, Namrata Toshniwal
Anaesthetic Management of Mitral Valve Replacement in a Patient with Sickle Cell Anaemia
Indrani Hemant Kumar, V Shrote
Management Of Cardiac Arrest
Aparna Budhkar