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EDITORial - by Invitation
Guest EDITORial
Anaesthesia and Chronic Pain
Anaestesia Chart - Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre
D K Baheti
Preanaesthesia Assessment
Vijaya Patil
Informed Consent for High Risk Patients
D K baheti
Anaesthesiologist as a Perioperative Physician
S Gajendragadkar, M Butani
The Surgeon and The Anaesthetist An Enduring Professional Relationship
P B Desai
Inter-personal Relationship between Surgeon and Anaesthetist
S R Gupte
The Obstructed Airway: Is it Significant to the General Practitioner?
D K Rajsingh, M R Rai
Transfer of the Critically Ill Patient : The UK Perspective
Seema Darshane
Local Anaesthetics for Surgery
Vandana Lahiri
Era of Operative Nerve Blocks
J P Arora
Spinal and Epidural Anaestheia
Smita Sharma
Child Birth: "Pain or Pleasure?"
Ketan Parikh
Anaesthesia Practice in Nursing Homes
Hemant Shinde
Ambulatory Anaesthesia
J N Monteiro
Anaesthesia and the Diabetic Patient
Aparna Chatterji
Role of Anaesthesiologist in Cardiac Cath Lab
Kalpana Shah
Anaesthesia for CT and MRI
Shilpa Trivedi
Kidney Transplant - Our Experience of Thousand Cases
S R Gupte, Smita Sharma
Anaesthesia in Opthalmic Surgery
M M Sharma, A M Sharma
Anaesthetic Management of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)
Pratima Kothare
Smoking and Anaesthehyuusia
Dhananjay Sanjekar
Delayed Awakening / Recovery / Emergence from Anaesthesia
Vandana Lahiri
Newer Drugs in Anaesthesia
Pradyna Kulkarni
Symptom Oriented Chronic Pain Management - An Update
DK Baheti
Advances In Medicine - New Treatment Options for Pain Offer Hope to Many
Gauri Sankhe, Anil Parakh
Anaesthetic Management of a Patient with Von Willebrand’s Disease with Cerebral Cavernoma
Gauri Sankhe, Anil Parakh
Anaesthetic Management of Correction of Bilateral Temporo Mandibilar Joint Ankylosis in a Patient with Klippel Feil Syndrome, Mandibular Retrognathia and Kyphoscoliosis
Indrani Hemant Kumar, S Umbarkar
Retromol Intubation - IN patients of Panfacial Trauma Involving Cribriform Plate - A Case Report**
Pradeep Ingle, Vandana Trasy, Anand Chaudhary, Namrata Toshniwal
Anaesthetic Management of Mitral Valve Replacement in a Patient with Sickle Cell Anaemia
Indrani Hemant Kumar, V Shrote
Management Of Cardiac Arrest
Aparna Budhkar
Role of Transcutaneous Perianal Ultrasound in Evaluation of Fistula in Ano
Shilpa Domkundwar* , Girish D Bakhshi+, Waqar A Ansari++, Atul B Shinagare**, Benazir Palekar+++, Siddharth Sarangi+++
Maggots : Microsurgeons in Wound Debridement
Radha Munagala*, R Karunanithi*, V Pugalendhi*, TMR Panicker**, M Paul Korath***, K Jagadeesan****
Making Leech Application More Effective and Aesthetic
Veena Singh, Sarla Hooda, Kiran Dahiya, Rajesh Sharma
Spectrum of Pathology of The Placenta
Nupur Nerurkar, Shantanu Tandon,Kiran Kalel, Anagha Joshi, Poonam Gharat, Renuka Bradoo
Hepatocellular Carcinoma
George Barreto, Shailesh V Shrikhande, Parul J Shukla
Ambulatory Surgery for Hydrocoele : A Review of 300 Cases
Parag A Shah*, Bhavik M Patel
Targeting Neuroplasticity in the Treatment of Depression : Clinical Value of Tianeptine
Ashit Sheth, Nilesh Shah
Doctors have to go on Learning to Prescribe
OP Kapoor
Restless Leg Syndrome
OP Kapoor
Urinary Complaints
OP Kapoor
Do Liver Function Tests Really Test the Function of the Liver?
OP Kapoor
Exacerbation of Symptoms so Common in Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic Therapy is also seen in Allopathic Practice
OP Kapoor
Treatment of Sex Weakness
OP Kapoor
Cost Effectiveness/Yield/MEDICAL ECONOMICS
Value of Routine Blood Tests in Common Fevers
OP Kapoor
Modern Approach to Diagnose Appendicitis
OP Kapoor
CT Angiography for Rich Patients with Sudden Acute Chest Pain 179 and No Definite Diagnostic Finding on ECG or X-Ray Chest
OP Kapoor
Principles During Clinical Examination of The Patient
O P Kapoor
Disease Pattern in India
XDR Tuberculosis
O P Kapoor
Case Reports
Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary
Urmi S Chakravarty - Vartak*, Shailesh S Vartak
Primary Orbital Malignant Teratoma
Grace F D’costa*, Meenal S Hastak*, Yoganand V Patil**
Anaesthesia for Atlanto-occipital Fusion in A Patient with Unstable Neck – A Case of Morquio’s Syndrome
Sanjeeta Umbarkar*, EM Santhosh Kumar**
Kimura’s Disease: A Case Report
Waqar Ahmed Ansari*, Syed Javed Arshi**, Girish Mazumdar***, Vinaya Ambore+
Extensive Tinea Corporis Caused by Trichophyton verrucosum in an HIV Positive Patient
VB Dohe*, SK Deshpande**, Usha Balasubramanian***, RS Bharadwaj****
Unusual Presentation of Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Alankar Ambadas Ramteke*, Satish Shripad Ugrankar**
Giant Hydronephrosis Mimicking An Ovarian Cys
BM Subnis*, Girish D Bakhshi**, Waqar Ahmed Ansari*** , Benazir N Palekar+, Siddharth Sarangi+, Tushar Bhagwat+, Sachin Giri+
Sequential Extubation in a Patient with Difficult Intubation
Sona Dave*, Raghu S Thota**, RD Patel*, SK Kamath***
A Rare Case of Pleomorphic Sarcoma Arising in Burn Scar
Mohan J Algotar*, Yogesh S Puri**, Ashok Borisa**, Nikhil Agarkhedkar***
Anaesthetic Management for a Large Epiglottic Cyst Excision
Manasi Ambardekar*, Anita Shetty**, Tanuja Sarang***, LV Dewoolkar+
Recurrent Ileoileal Intussusception Caused by Pedunculated Cystic Polyp Containing Heterotropic Pancreatic Tissue
AH Bhandarwar*, Waqar Ahmed Ansari
Dysphagia Due to Blister Pack Pill in Elderly : A Rare Entity
Arshad S Khan*, Girish D Bakhshi**, Bhushan A Thakur***,
Parminder S Sourot+, Chetan K Merchant+, Nikhil S Agarkhedkar+
Breast Lump : An Initial Manifestation of Primary Tubercular Mastitis
Bhavik M Patel*, Sadashiv V Pandit**, Rina D Shah***, Sonal R Bangde
Cystic Hygroma in an Adult - Case Report and Review of Literature
Ketan R Vagholkar*, Haritosh Kvelankar+, Shalini A Nair**, Meghal J Sanghavi***, Amit S Anguwar***
Primary Appendiceal Malignancy : A Rare Entity in the Differential Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer
Arshad S Khan*, Girish D Bakhshi**, Prithvipal R Chavan***, Siddharth Sarangi***, Hemant H Deore***
Letter to the Editor:- Holistic Approach in Cancers and Chronic Diseases