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Editor Choice O P Kapoor
Guest Editorial
Daycase as a Speciality
Development of Outpatient Laparoscopic Surgery in Hong Kong
Chok Siu Ho, Kenneth, Lau Hung, Yuen Wai Key
A Surgeon’s View on Ambulatory Surgery
Dick de Jong
Progress and Dilemmas in Paediatric Anaesthesia in Day care Surgery
SH Dhayagude
Advances in Day Surgery
Jackson Ian
Anaesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery
Vinod Joshi
Day Surgery - National and International: From the Past to the Future
Lindsay Roberts
Promoting Day-care Surgery in India
Aniruddha Malpani, Anjali Malpani
Ambulatory Surgery: The Indian Perspective
Naresh T Row, MM Begani
Original Article
Renal Changes in Leptospirosis : An Autopsy Study
Asha B Rupani, Vinaya B Shah, Jaya R Deshpande
Minilaparotomy Cholecystectomy – A Feasible Option
Jagdish Hedawoo, Vinod Rathod, Bharat Kamath
Histopathology of Gastro-Duodenal Biopsies and Helicobacter Pylori Infection
D’costa F Grace, Shyamali Dutta, Yoganand V Patil
In-Vitro Studies on Fluid Flow using a Glass Model and Water Simulating Blood Flow in Aorta and Iliac Arteries in Pre and Post Renal Transplant Circulation - A Verification of Renogram Observations
R Karunanidhi, TMR Panicker, V Pugalendhi, M Paul Korath, K Jagadeesan
The Use of Ketamine for Release of Post-Burn Neck Contracture
M Sarkar, V Puri, S Rahul, LS Chaudhari
Validation of a Simple Non-radiographic Method of Assessing the Severity of a Scoliotic Curve : Results of a Pilot Study
Vaibhav Bagaria, Nilesh Patil, Vikram Sapre, Anshul Chadda, NS Harshvardhana
Polycystic Ovarian Disease: Impact of Metformin Therapy
SJ Kore, Smita Lakhotia, Mansi Parikh, V Kulkarni, VR Ambiye
Evaluation of Shirodkar’s Sling Surgery for Conservative Management of Uterovaginal Descent During Child Bearing Age Group
Suchitra Narayan Pandit, Vaman Babu Ghodake, Vijay Chandrakant Pawar
Causes of Mortality in Still Birth - An Autopsy Study
Grace Francis D’costa, Yoganand Patil
The Role of Inter Observer Reliability in Predicting Difficult Intubation by Standard Ten Tests
M Sarkar, R Shabadi, L Dewoolkar
Parasitic Infestation in and around Mumbai
Vaishali R Wabale, Dnyaneshwari P Ghadge, Abhay S Chowdhary, Renu S Bharadwaj
New Medical Treatment of Urolithiasis
OP Kapoor
GFR Blood Test Very Helpful in Prognosis of CRF Patients
OP Kapoor
Cost Effectiveness/Yield/MEDICAL ECONOMICS
Costs Associated with Infection Control Strategies in A Resource Constrained Setting
Suchitra Joyce, N Lakshmidevi
Role of Statins in Private Practice
OP Kapoor
Investigating a Poly-symptomatic Patient
OP Kapoor
Symptoms / Sign / Obsolete / Evergreen / New
Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Syndrome-Over-diagnosis and Over-treatment
O P Kapoor
Disease Pattern in India
Vitamin D Deficiency in Young Males?
OP Kapoor
Next Time in the Differential Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis ask for Chikungunya Test
OP Kapoor
Case Reports
Adrenal Cyst - A Case Report
Surita C Kantharia, Ajay Chaubey, N Roy, Susan Cherian
Hepaticodocholithiasis with Biliary Ascariasis
Uday A Pawar, Rajesh C Mahey, Shabbir Raja, Vasant Gholave
Woes of a Sickler
Abdul Haque M Quraishi, Bharat S Kamath
Perforated Jejunal Diverticulum – Report of Two Cases
Avinash V Telgote, Mahendra R Chandak, Jagdish B Hedawoo
Pet Scan Aids Diagnosis of Post Transplant Fever
Dilip Kirpalani, A Marwah, H Shah, D Amarapurkar, K Adyanthaya,S Parekh, A Kirpalani
A Case Report of Lacrimal Gland Sarcoidosis and Review of Literature
Leroy Rebello, JG Saluja, Nitin Malkan, MS Ajinkya
Lymphoepithelioma of Nasopharynx – An Unusual Case
Anamika Rathore, Nishit Shah
Tuberculous Perforation of Meckel’s Diverticulum
Uday A Pawar, Rajesh C Mahey, Deepak L Jha, Vikram N Raut
Supraventricular Tachycardia in a Case of Subclinical Hypothyroidism- A Rare Feature
Nandini M Dave, EM Santhoshkumar
Lipoleiomyoma of the Uterus
Urmi S Chakravarty-Vartak, Anjali V Dhurde, Shailesh S Vartak, Sandip Parate, Sagar Dhamane
Thiamine Responsive Anaemia, Diabetes Mellitus and Sensorineural Deafness (Rogers' Syndrome)
Rajesh Joshi, Zeenat Currhimbhoy, Sudha Rao
Video Assisted Right Apical Lobectomy : Report of a Case
Sapan Jain, Ashutosh Soni
Best Vitelliform Dystrophy – A Case Report
l Trivedi, Sujit Murade, V Arbhave, H Todkar
Post-partum Hyponatraemia with Pre-eclampsia and Neonatal Hyponatraemia: Report of a Case
Dolon Basu, Manish Maheswari, JG Thornton
Nicotine Addiction Refractory to Treatment — Own Experiences
Leszek Tomasz Roś
A Case of Dementia Infantilis
Shilpa S Parhar, Bindoo S Jadhav, Bharat R Shah, Hemangee S Dhavale
Peripatetic Column
Medical Astrology
P Madhok
Abstracts from MRC