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Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Contraceptive Methods of Family Planning in an Urban Slum Community of Mumbai
Deepa H Velankar
Nomogram for Foetal Kidney Length
JJ Kansaria, SVParulekar
Role of Serial Ultrasound Assessment in Prom Patients and Its Outcome (Prospective Study)
Bava Amarjeet Kaur, Urvashi Vats, YS Nandanwar
Attitudes, Knowledge and Beliefs about Contraceptive Practices in Women Coming to Tertiary Hospital
Shailesh Kore, Alfiya Bapai, Mansi Parikh, Rohit Khot, Vijay Ambiye
Intra-operative Frontal Glow as a Parameter to Predict a Successful Outcome of Frontal Sinus Surgery
Kshitij D Shah, Renuka A Bradoo, Anagha A Joshi, Varsha D Takpire
Cervical Sonography to Assess Risk of Preterm Labour
Jignesh J Kansaria, Alka Gupta, SV Parulekar
Obesity and Related Co-Morbid Conditions – A Retrograde Study
A Ghildyal, SR Pandloskar, HL Dhar
A Profile on Neural Tube Defects
Sayee Rajangam, Roopa Ravindranath, Preetha Tilak
Can CHW have An Impact on Reducing Under Five Children Morbidities at Community Level Using Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
Madhavi Mankar, AM Mehendale, BS Garg, Sumedha Joshi
Comparative Study of Domestic Violence in Wives of Alcohol Dependent Males Versus That in Abstainers/Social Drinkers Wives
Violet Nilesh Pinto