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Accuracy and Diagnostic Yield of Intraoperative Squash Smear Technique in the Rapid Diagnosis of CNS Lesions
K Deshpande, S Surase, R T Shedge, GD'Costa, B Bharambe
Comparative Analysis of Primary Histological Parameters of Breast Cancer in Women below and above the age of 45 years
RT Shedge, MS Hastak
Could Brain Natriuretic Peptide Aid the Diagnosis of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus?
R Narayani, F Kareem, M Sambasivam, TMR Panicker, M Paul Korath
Pattern of Non Infectious Vesiculobullous and Vesiculopustular Disease in a large Tertiary Care Hospital
AG Valand, WA Khan
Mycetoma in Mumbai - A Two Year Study
SN Dharmshale
Correlation between Smear Positivity Grade at Two Months with Culture Positivity and Final Outcome in Patient Receiving Anti Tuberculosis Treatment
SR Kanade, G Nataraj, R Anita, PR Mehta
Comparison between Endoscopic DCR and External Approach DCR
SS Nichlani, MV Jagade, A Ganeshan
Reconstruction of Tympanic Membrane using Partial Tragal Cartilage Graft versus Temporalis Fascia Graft
S Nichlani, MV Jagade, A Ganeshan
Comparative Analysis of Medical and Surgical Management of Ectopic Gestation
A Bhosale, S Nyati, M Fonseca, YS Nandanwar
Time Related Changes of Microbial Flora in a Burn Unit at A Tertiary Care Hospital
CA Kumar, M Mathur, P Salunke, S Baveja