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Accuracy and Diagnostic Yield of Intraoperative Squash Smear Technique in the Rapid Diagnosis of CNS Lesions
K Deshpande, S Surase, R T Shedge, GD' Costa, B Bharambe
Comparative Analysis of Primary Histological Parameters of Breast Cancer in Women below and above the age of 45 years
RT Shedge, MS Hastak
Could Brain Natriuretic Peptide Aid the Diagnosis of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus?
R Narayani, F Kareem, M Sambasivam, TMR Panicker, M Paul Korath
Pattern of Non Infectious Vesiculobullous and Vesiculopustular Disease in a large Tertiary Care Hospital
AG Valand, WA Khan
Mycetoma in Mumbai - A Two Year Study
SN Dharmshale
Correlation between Smear Positivity Grade at Two Months with Culture Positivity and Final Outcome in Patient Receiving Anti Tuberculosis Treatment
SR Kanade, G Nataraj, R Anita, PR Mehta
Comparison between Endoscopic DCR and External Approach DCR
SS Nichlani, MV Jagade, A Ganeshan
Reconstruction of Tympanic Membrane using Partial Tragal Cartilage Graft versus Temporalis Fascia Graft
S Nichlani, MV Jagade, A Ganeshan
Comparative Analysis of Medical and Surgical Management of Ectopic Gestation
A Bhosale, S Nyati, M Fonseca, YS Nandanwar
Time Related Changes of Microbial Flora in a Burn Unit at A Tertiary Care Hospital
CA Kumar, M Mathur, P Salunke, S Baveja
Quantitative Buffy Coat (QBC) Fluorescent Microscopy A Superior option to Peripheral Smears in Malaria Diagnosis
DH Daswani
Higher Level of Meditation for Cure of Any Disease
HL Dhar
Start Asking for "Sputum Eosinophilia" Test More Often !
O P Kapoor
Less known Side Effects of Steriod Inhalers used in Chronic Bronchial Asthma!
OP Kapoor
Value of CBC in Diagnosing ILD (Telephonic Diagnosis)
OP Kapoor
Too Many Prescriptions of Thyroid, Vitamin D, Ezetimibe and Vitamin B12?
OP Kapoor
Do not Miss The Diagnosis of Parkinson Disease - Ask for Dopamine Receptor Scan More Often !
OP Kapoor
Less Osteoarthritis of Knees in Muslims Having Calluses on Kness !!
OP Kapoor
Is Ache in the Head or in The Back Same as Headache or Backache?
OP Kapoor
Long Live Steroids !
OP Kapoor
Megaloblastic Macrocytic Anaemic in General Practise - A Liability if Diagnosed
OP Kapoor
'Pseudo' Thrombocytopenia - Fairly Common in Private Practise
OP Kapoor, Sushil Shah
Smoking Can Cause Many More Problems
OP Kapoor
Chronic Radiation Enteritis : A Clinical Challenge and Review
DM Belekar, AA Desai, U Butala, VV Dewoolkar
Preoperative Ultrasonic Diagnosis of Spontaneous Live Tubal Twin Ectopic Gestation
AR Adsule, VS Phougat, SG Jakhere, SS Saifee
Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia
SN Ramraje, M Wasnik, A G Valand
Arteriovenous Malformation of the cheek - A case Report and Review of Literature
UM Maheshwari, SS Sahu, SP Khatu
Askin Rosai Tumour - A Rare Childhood Tumour
Ravikumar, D Sarda, G Sandlas, P Karkera, P kothari, A Gupta
Surgical Emphysema and Benign Pneumoperitoneum following Assisted Ventilation
R Uppu, AR Shojai, R Gautam, M Topno
Cryptococcal Meningitis in An Immunocompetent Adolescent
RK Kulkarni, AD Rathod, PP Saple
Bilateral Orbital Dermolipomas
A Biswal, R Marwah, I Talwar
Dignosis of Bronchopleural Fistula with Thin Section CT Scan
N Shah, R Marwah, I Talwar
Transpericardial Retro - Cardiac Ascending to Descending Aortic Bypass Grafting
SR Dussa, V Bhosale, S Agnihotri, R Rakesh, KN Bhosale
An Unusual Case of Perforated Meckel's Diverticulum at its Base Presenting as Abdominal Lump and Creating Clinical Dilemma
GJ Jorwekar, A Shaikh, AK Verma, KN Dandekar, PK Baviskar
Primary CNS Aspergillosis in A Primigravida
R Binayke, SM Sisodia
Atraumatic Bilateral Patellar Tendon Rupture in Seizure Disorder
KR Dussa, SD Ghate, AN Parekh
Cholecysto Gastric Fistula with Mirizzi Type I Syndrome
P Tungenwar, AM Shaikh, SG Pathrikar, G kumar
Amyand's Hernia : A Case Report of Acute Appendicitis in Right Sided Irreducible Inguinal Hernia
S Parthrikar, AM Shaikh, AS Khan, A Wagh
Primary Malignant Melanoma of Lower Oesophagus
MA Joshi, BA Thakur, TG Dhopade, S Bhalerao
A Giant Congenital Lipoma over the Back - A case Report of A Rare Congenital Abnormality
AB Pachani, AR Shojai, R Gautum, M Topno, V Sharma, D Mangukiya, K Patil, D Ranadive
Richter's Hernia Presenting as Everted Ileum in Groin
SP Gupta, R Maheshwari, V Sharma
An Ususual Case of Giant Lymphangiomatous Cystic Tumor of Sigmoid Mesocolon in An Infant
GJ Jorwekar, PK Baviskar, AK Verma, KN Dandekar, A Shaikh
Giant Fibroadenoma of Breast Mimicking Phylloid Tumour in an Adult Female
B Shah, A Shaikh, GJ Jorwekar, RK Shinde, KN Dandekar, PK Baviskar
Sarococcygeal Teratoma
SV Palkar
Medical Insurance : Boon or Bane
P Madhok