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Clinicopathological Study of Tuberculous Lesions of Fallopian Tube
S. M. Sisodia, Rachana Binayke, Pooja Kayande
Comparative Bacteriological Study of Community Acquired Pneumonia
Vaishali Solanke, Chitra Pai, A. D. Urhekar
The Diagnostic Separation of Transudates and Exudates in Ascitic Fluid and Pleural Fluid
Vyankatesh T. Anchinmane, Gururaj V. Puranik
Effect of Prophylactic as well as Therapeutic Oral Iron Supplementation on Oxidative Stress in Normal Pregnancy and in Pregnancy with Iron Deficiency Anaemia
Sindhu Chandra, Swapnil Mane, Usha Gupta, Jaishree Bhattacharjee
Anaemia in elderly : Correlation with Diet and Diseases
Joshi SV, Gupta MK, Dhar HL
Study of Jaundice in Pregnancy in a Tertiary Care Institute in India
Ching ling Yi, Neelam Barge, A. R. Dalal
Utilization of Health Services for Gynaecological 184 Morbidity among Married Women
Lalita D. Hiremath
Maternal Mortality at a Tertiary Institute : A five year study
Archana Bhosale, Shabnam Qureshi, Y. S. Nandanwar
Clinical Predictors of Severity in Patients with Vasculotoxic Snake Bite A Retrospective Study from Rural Tertiary Care Hospital in Western India
Shital Rathod, Mamta Joshi, Atin Gupta, Jaishree Ghanekar
Comparison of Topical Application of Fluticasone Alone and with Hyaluronic Acid for Phimosis
Sandeep Hambarde, Pradnya Bendre, Rajeev Redkar
Six Minute Walk Test : A Simple but Reliable Tool for Dyspnoea Evaluation
Sandeep S. Tilve, Pralhad P. Prabhudesai
Medicolegal Aspects of Consent in Clinical Practice
Amit M. Patil, Vyankatesh T. Anchinmane
My observations in Similarities Common to EF of Heartand GFR of Kidneys
OP Kapoor
Advise Drug Holiday
OP Kapoor
What should a GP know about Calcitonin
OP Kapoor
Difference between “Investigating” and “Investigations”
OP Kapoor
Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Exercises
OP Kapoor
Urinary Incontinence in Older People
OP Kapoor
Pain in the Groin
OP Kapoor
Symptoms during and Immediately After Meals
OP Kapoor
Acute “Confused” State in an Elderly Patient
OP Kapoor
Alternative Treatment of Advanced Ischaemic Heart Disease where Patient Refuses Surgery
OP Kapoor
Acute Isolated Tuberculous Appendicitis
Dnyanesh M. Belekar, Kiran Somani, Vinayak V. Dewoolkar, Kishore Wankhede
Tuberculosis and Incidental Tubulopapillary Adenoma in A Nephrectomy Specimen
Rachana Binayke, S.M.Sisodia
Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis
Dnyanesh M. Belekar, Amit Desai, Kiran Somani, Radha Verma, V. V. Dewoolkar
Recurrent Respiratory Papilloma; Correlation with Genital Warts
Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar, Sunil Kumar Garg
Ochronotic Arthritis
Shaily Garg, I. Bhattacharya, Yoganand Patil
Central Pigmented Neurocytoma
Tushar A. Sehgal, Arun R. Chitale, Girish A. Muzumdar, Keyuri Patel
Metastases to Brain from Unknown Primaries
Sushma N. Ramraje, S. M. Sisodia, Rachana Binayake, Shilpa P. Hande, A. G. Valand
Cysticercus Cellulosae in Conjunctival Cyst
Sanjay G Surase, Rakesh T Shedge, Rahul Taksande, Vaishali N Solanke
Candidial Cholecystitis in a Diabetic Patient
Bhavana. M. Bharambe, Kalpana. A. Deshpande
Invasive Aspergillosis of Maxillary Sinus in An Immunocompetent Host
Dnyaneshwari P. Ghadage, Vrishali A. Muley, Arvind V. Bhore
Role of 99m Technetium Diethylene Triamine Penta-Acetic Acid ( 99m Tc DTPA) Cisternography in an Operated Case of Olfactory Groove Meningoma to Confirm Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Atul Marwah, Sunita Tarsarya, Ruchira Marwah, K. E. Turel, Rajnath Jaiswar, Mehjabeen Abdul.
Sickle Cell Anaemia in Pregnancy with Hyperhaemolytic Crisis -Diagnostic Dilemma
Swapnil Mane, Sindhu Chandra, Manohar Motwani
Multiple Scrotal Fistulae -Sequel of Chronic Giant Urethral Diverticular Stone At Penoscrotal Junction
Girish D. Bakhshi, Ashok D. Borisa, Aftab S. Shaikh, Shinde R. K., Dandekar K. N, Jorvekar G. J., Baviskar P. K., Shah B. A.
Invasive Gastric Candidiasis with Perforation
Girish D. Bakhshi, Ashok D. Borisa, Aftab S. Shaikh, Nirav R. Thadeshwar, Yatin Kher, Allagapan C., Lomesh A. Kapadnis
Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumour
Neelam Barge, Ching ling Yi, A. R. Dalal
Isolated Anterior Urethral Diverticulum
Sandeep Hambarde, Pradnya Bendre, Rajeev Redkar

Windsock’s Diverticulum of The Duodenum Causing Obstructive Jaundice
Bhushan A. Thakur, Geeta S. Ghag, Sagar S. Bhalerao, Tushar G. Dhopade

Bilateral Ovotestes in a True Hermaphrodite
Grace D' Costa, Bhavana M Bharambe, Rachana Binayke
Bilateral Optic Disc Drusen
Rahul Baile, Meghana Sahasrabuddhe, Snehal Nadkarni, V.Karira, Juilee Kelkar, Snehal Bhonde
A Giant Renal Angiomyolipoma without Tuberous Sclerosis
Dandekar K N, Jorvekar GJ, Shinde RK, Baviskar PK, Shah AB
Heterotopic Pregnancy - Incidental Microscopic Finding at Puerperal Tubal Ligation
Jashnani Kusum D., Sindhura Lakshmi K.L., Metkar Gauri S.
Synovial Sarcoma of The Oropharynx
Rajan Palav, Nitin Deore, Sourav Datta, Vimal Kasbekar, Rajen Shah, Aseem Mishra, Manmohan V.
Fibroepithelial Polyp of the Urinary Bladder in an Adult
Ritesh P Kharche, Nitin M Gadgil, Anjali V Dhude, Anitha Padmanabhan
Cytodiagnosis of Proximal Type of Eepithelioid Sarcoma of Abdominal Wall
Momin Yasmin A., Agale Shubhangi V., Ramraje Sushma N., Navani Sanjay
Solitary Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma - A Forme Fruste of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex?
Yasmin Momin, Rachana Binayke, Pranav Ghodgaonkar
Subcutaneous Granuloma Annulare in a 4 Month Old Infant
Sushma N Ramraje, Shantilal M Sisodia, Barnik Choudhury, Minal Wasnik