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O P Kapoor

Founder Editor
V D Arora

  1. Tuberculoma of Posterior Pharyngeal Wall
    RV Juvekar, MR Juvekar, DV Panchal
  2. Tuberculosis of the Oesophagus : A Report of Four Cases
    DN Amarapurkar, R Baijal, S Agal, PP Kulshrestha
  3. Primary Oesophageal Tuberculosis
    HK Parikh, DM Parikh
  4. Duodenal Tuberculosis - A Case Report and Review of Literature
    PP Agashe, TM Dixit
  5. Isolated Rectal Tuberculosis Masquerading as Malignancy
    T Patankar, J Babhulkar, S Prasad, J Perumpillichira, Z Patankar
  6. Biliary Tuberculosis
    DN Amarapurkar, AD Amarapurkar
  7. Hepatic Tuberculosis
    A Sharma, P Madhok
  8. Hepatic Tuberculosis
    OP Kapoor
  9. Acute Tuberculosis Cholecystitis
    M Faria, J Wani, R Ravishankar, S Desai, CH Kale
  10. Isolated Tuberculosis of the Spleen
    Sanjeev Mani, Ravi Rananavre
  11. Uncommon Tuberculosis of Pancreas
    OP Kapoor
  12. Ileocaecal Tuberculosis Associated with Duodenal Involvement Involvement
    A Upadhayay, P Rathe, P Sawant
  13. Primary Thyroid Tuberculosis
    D Balsarkar, MA Joshi, J Dhareshwar, RR Satoskar, N Awsare, R Mahey, V Kumar
  14. Bilateral Breast Tuberculosis : An Unusual Presentation
    Navani NK, Bhagwat Sarita S, Chaphekar AP, Pinto AC, Shelly SV
  15. Tubercular Supratrochlear Lymphadenitis
    P Madhok, Vijai Kumar
  16. Tuberculosis of the Cranio Vertebral Junction
    Satyajit Naique, Manoj Kandoi
  17. Tuberculosis Spondylitis “Global Lesion”
    Agrawal R, Rathi T, Verma R, Pradhan CG
  18. Tuberculosis Stricture if Pelvi - Ureteric Junction in Solitary Kidney
    Motiwala HG
  19. Tuberculoma of Left Lateral Rectus in Orbit
    T Brahmabhatt
  20. Is Bone Marrow Tuberculosis an Entity?
    OP Kapoor
  21. Teen Age Menstrual Problems - Genital Tuberculosis a Strong Possibility
    Bhayani BS, Singhal A, Tripathi KG, Saraiya V
  22. Unusual Presentation of Tuberculosis in Children
    Shenoy MU, Kulkarni MS, Aradada R, Kapur VK


  1.   Cervical Spine Kochs - An Unusual Presentation
      Jagiasi Jd, Agarwal A, Parag ML  
  2.   D1 Spinal Kochs - The Hidden Zone
      A Bonshahi, M Warke, A Malik, A Parekh  
  3.   Can you Diagnose “Chronic Intestinal Amoebiasis”?
     OP Kapoor
  4.   Are you Sure it is Amoebiasis and not Giardiasis?
     OP Kapoor
  5.   A typical Presentation of Amoebic Liver Abscess
      OP Kapoor
  6.   Can Dark Room Chest Fluoroscopy be Revived in India?
      OP Kapoor
  7.   Twisting of the Umbilicus - is it a Real Symptom or Sign?
      OP Kapoor
  8.   Increase in the Incidence of Relapse of Urethral Syndrome in Women Immediately after Ramzan
     OP Kapoor
  9.   Masturbation : An Act to be Promoted in Indians to Reduce the Incidence of AIDS
      OP Kapoor
  10.   Deficient Sunlight in the Aetiology of Osteomalacia in Muslim Women
     OP Kapoor
  11.   Discussion of “Death” with an Indian Patient
      OP Kapoor


  1. Disease Patterns in Different Indian Communities
    OP Kapoor
  2. Some Stray Observations in Different Indian Sub-Communities
    OP Kapoor
  3. Profile of Sindhi Patients in my Private Practice - My Experience of Forty Years
    OP Kapoor
  4. Some Observations in Bengali Patients
    OP Kapoor
  5. A Profile of a Kerala Female Patient
    OP Kapoor
  6. My Observation on the Clinical Profile of 2000 Female : Patients from Konkan Whose Husbands were Serving Abroad
  7. Pathan Syndrome - A Contrast with Indian Patients
    OP Kapoor
  8. Hot and Cold Tuberculosis Specially in Rajasthani Patients
    OP Kapoor
  9. Wrong Concept of “Pure” Vegetarian Diet in Two Communities - The Jains and the Sindhis
    OP Kapoor
  10. Dealing with an Attack of Migraine in an Indian Setting
    OP Kapoor
  11. Symptoms of Ghabrahat (Chest Apprehension) in Indian Population
    OP Kapoor
  12. The Diagnosis of ‘Tetany’ Bonus of BP Examination in Young Indian Females
    OP Kapoor
  13. Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Indian Patients
    OP Kapoor
  14. Pruritus ANI in Indian Patients
    M Munshi, OP Kapoor
  15. Urethral Syndrome in Indina Femal Patients
    OP Kapoor
  16. Dhaat - Male Leucorrhoea - As seen in Modern Perspective Speciallt in UP and Bihari Patients
    OP Kapoor
  17. Low Blood Sugar “Syndrome” Diagnosed by General Practitioners in India
    OP Kapoor
  18. Three Common Causes of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Indian Males
    OP Kapoor