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Bombay Hospital Journal was launched by the late Dr. VD Arora exactly 50 years ago. Though, to start with, it was a small booklet, it was later nurtured by late Dr. Natoobhai Shah and Dr. BS Singhal for nearly 20 years. Late Dr. Ivan Pinto could look after the journal only for a short period because of his unexpected illness. Dr. OP Kapoor has been editing the journal for nearly 25 years with distinction and dedication.

Bombay Hospital Journal is an invaluable platform for doctors to contribute and share their knowledge and experiences in the noble task of treating patients suffering from all kinds of diseases and thus improving the quality of medical care with every passing year.

In the last few years, the Journal has become more comprehensive and doctors from all the medical colleges of Mumbai, the frontline private hospitals and many institutions all over Maharashtra, other parts of India and abroad are contributing articles. This bears testimony to the popularity of the Journal. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only medical journal publication of a private hospital in Mumbai. We are very proud of this and thank Dr. OP Kapoor and his staff for their untiring efforts in publishing this journal with clock work regularity.

On the occasion of completing 50 years, Dr. OP Kapoor, the editor, has brought out a special issue highlighting the burning problems of Tuberculosis all over the world.

Dr. BK Taparia

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